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    Default Three Sheets Jamaica

    I hope this is ok to post here. Like many of you I have much too long of a wait until my trip to CSA, so ive been spending a lot of time browsing the internet looking for info about Jamaica. I came across the episode of Three Sheets about Jamaica. If you havent seen this show, its a guy that travels the world exploring the drinking culture in different countries....its been on a few networks(was on Mojo) but i think is on Travel Channel now. You can watch it free on Hulu or for a fee at itunes. Its episode 5 of season 1...really cool. He tours Appleton, eats jerk, etc. Just one of the little things that makes the wait easier....

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    Zane Lamprey... standup comedian, cable TV host, cultural sampler of all things alcohol... what a hoot!

    If you haven't seen his cable show, catch it. He spends time in some of the most eclectic cultures, absorbing all he can about the local drinking holes, tastes, and of course, drinks! Then he follows up with the local hangover cure. The episode about Jamaica was hilarious!

    DishTV carries him twice nightly on Fine Living Network (FLN).

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    Default! Love it!

    The Jamaica episode was very good, I agree. Friend of ours had Zane's Drinking Made Easy book and copied the Jamaica pages for us as reference for our last trip. It had a great Appleton rum chart in there detailing the flavors of the various types. Helped us pick what "expensive" rum to get with our gift shop credit that we normally wouldn't have bought.

    P.S. Travel Channel may not retain it and FLN (it's last home) is dead. If you're a fan, let Travel Channel know.

    ...stepping of my SAVE THREE SHEETS soapbox

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    I get very jealous of ol' Zane Lamprey! He gets paid to travel the world and eat (catch his other show "Have Fork, Will Travel" - it's entertaining, too!) and drink.

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    LOVE LOVE the show but never have seen the Jamaican episode.

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    Travel Channel also carries a show called "Dhani Tackles the Globe" where Dhani Jones (currently a Cincinnati Bengals linebacker) travels the globe to try his hand at different local sports and culture. He does have a Jamaica episode too. Spends his time in Kingston and a southwestern Parish, but it's still pretty good. I don't think I'll ever understand cricket. Seeing him trying to learn Patois is funny.
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    I just watched the episode on Hulu. Thanks for sharing. I so enjoy hearing the Jamaican accents.
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    The Jamaican show is the ONLY one they don't play in repeats. Trust me we have DVR'd every episode. If you go on the guys website...he even gives you his cell number so you can drunk dial him...something we for sure plan to do on our next trip! It is for sure one of my favorite shows.

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