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    Default CSS CN split - is the drive worth it?

    My husband and I are booked to go to CSS November 6 - 12. We are also interested in CN, would a split between the 2 be worth the drive? 3 nights at each place? also can we call and arrange this after we already booked?
    thanks for your input!

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    It's not even the issue of the drive ( which we enjoy and do every trip) but I don't think 3 nights is long enough at one resort ....if you really want to try two resorts, check out Tower Isle on the Trading Places program for one day.

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    I wouldn't split a 6 night stay. Just as you get settled into one resort you will be packing up again and heading to the next resort. If you really want to go to both resorts, then add some days to your vacation. You will loose half a day traveling between the two resorts. Plus your first day of vacation will be taken up with traveling to the resort and your last day will be taken up traveling home, so really you would only be spending 2 days at each resort. If you can't extent your trip, then book your next trip at CN and stick with CSS for this trip.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We were thinking about doing something similar but eight days and we were not sure if that was worth it.

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    We were considering a split between CSS and CSA but decided against it. partly it was about the drive betwen resorts, being 3+ hours, but mostly is was something I'd not even thought about. People suggesting leaving CSS really early so that we wouldn't have to go through the airport to pick up/drop off people. Then you'd arrive at CSA really early. Sounds nice in theory, but first, the idea of getting up super early and leaving without breakfast didn't appeal, and second, getting to the second resort and having to wait with valuables and no room for possibly up until 4:00 pm (as that is check in time), appealed even less.

    So we decided to split CSS and CTI instead. That way when we leave CTI we can have breakfast at leisure before checking out. The drive is so short and it should be easy to get a ride over to CSS (so I'm told, and makes sense). So we won't have the big drive or as long to wait around for our new room. We can always do CSA next time, and maybe split be CN.

    Oh, and we're doing 7 + 7 days. (We have a long, expensive flight, so it's just not worth it to us to travel to the Caribbean for less than 10 days min) I personally wouldn't split a resort for less than 5 days. It barely gives time to settle, and it could be hard to make reservations or do half of what the resort offers. Just my 2 cents.

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    We are doing a split between CSS and CTI, only a few minutes away from each other. I thought about splitting with CN, but I figure it's an excuse to go back to Jamaica and do a trip in Negril

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    Hi Just Beachy,
    3 nights is not much for 1 resort. However, if you want to split, arrange for a cab for 6AM, that will take you without any stops. Last year we did the CTI/CN split. Travel time was 2 hrs 20 mins. You still have your day.

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    I recommend just trying the trading places for a day. My husband and I stayed at CSA for 10 days in March, and on one of those days we took the bus and spent the day at CN. We really enjoyed the ability to see both. (CSA is still our favorite, but CN had it's own beauty also!)

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    You don't want to bother trading places for a day between CSS and won't have enough time and you might not get to enjoy all the restraunts. I also agree that you don't want to split a 6 day stay between the two. We split this year between CN & CTI but we did 7 & 5 days. If anything...if you are staying at CN, do a day trade to Swept Away just down the road.

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