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    So my soon to be bride and I are going to CSS. We are planning on trying out the SSB and I am wondering how private it is. I think you know what I am really asking...

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    It is as private as you want it to be. You can go to the very end of the beach and turn your chairs toward the hill and no one will see very much of you. Not enough privacy to do the nasty though. Or you can hang out in the pool and have no privacy but a LOT more fun. Or somewhere in the middle and have some of both. You decide.

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    For your very private needs, confine yourself to your room. Tasteful PDA is allowed...holding hands, a light kiss, etc.....groping, making out, etc. is frowned upon. I know it is all a matter of interprtation, but just try to remeber to be as respectful of other guests as you can. When you want to do "something", just think about whether or not someone else really wants to see that happening. If you know what I mean!!
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    Randymon stated in a thread awhile back that PDA (except for light kisses and hand holding) is to stay in your room and not in the public areas. There is the "H" resort for doing stuff like that out in public areas. Couples are classy resorts, please respect them.
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