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    Default Which Couples Resort?

    My wife and I were trying to find out which if any of the Couples resorts would be best suited for us. We’re looking for a relaxing vacation away from our kids and other peoples as well. We’re looking for a place that is fun but not wild. We enjoy the beach and the ocean but not if it’s crowded. We also enjoy the AN experience and even though we’re anything but anti-social, (we’ll talk to anyone at any time about anything) we don’t view it as a social vehicle. Neither of us particularly cares about being seen but my wife is exceptionally attractive (my bias aside) and garners considerable looks, second looks and sometimes stares from men and women. She’s used to it but she would feel uncomfortable experiencing the same at an AN beach. So the question becomes which Couples resort and what time of the year is it least crowded? Thanks

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    Couples Negril! An AN area that allows you to be as social as you like. It's very easy to not engage anyone, or to engage others in short quiet conversation or sit in a small group and be social if that's what happens. Lots of trees to hide behind. The beach is deep so you can be upfront and wave to the people walking by on the beach, or hang out near the back and be barely visible to the beach walkers.


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    Default Couples Negril

    Everything you want, everything you need, everything you could imagine, everything you expect. You won't be sorry about choosing couples Negril

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    I think any of the three Couples that have an AN beach are OK. I know that both CSS and CTI have areas that are somewhat away from the main social area. At CSS just go to the right on the beach, away from the bar which is on the left. The times we were there there were always couples who would sit on the beach, just the two of them in the area. No one would bother them. On CTI I also think it is to your right that has an area that is where most people who do not wish to socialize go. Not sure about CN. I do know that CTI and CSS are both on private beaches, and CN is on a Seven Mile beach, and does have people from neighboring resorts walking along the shore line. CN however, from what I have read on this board (Never been there) does have a nicer beach. But, I don't think you could go wrong with any one of the Couple's resorts.

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    We have been to CN, CTI and CSS, although all are really great and have their own uniqueness, I feel that the AN beach area at Negril you might have the greatest potential to experience looks and stares from the people walking by on the beach. I would highly recommend checking out CTI and CSS.

    At CTI the island is exclusively for the Couples AN guest. The short boat ride out to the island is part of the experience and once on the island you have the choice to pick a spot somewhat private or enjoy the pool and bar area. The only gawkers and onlookers you might encounter will be the Catamaran Cruise passengers who are normally entertained by the people on the island "moon-ing" them as the pass by.

    At CSS, Sunset Beach is a very private AN area which provides an area to be basically alone under the trees along the beach or a great pool and bar area that has a snack bar. There will be an occasional local fisherman that will boat by from the river to the beach but they are just running their daily routines. The only downfall is the beach water can be a little cold over by the river but if you stay to the right side of the beach it is much better.

    November 13 -20 will be our 6th trip back to Couples Resorts; we will be staying at CSS and are planning to meet up with several other friends/couples we met at CTI last November.

    Hope this info helps.

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    CN a separated area from the main beach, building 9 overlooks the beach and beach walkers, including children walking at the water line.

    CTI--private island, small pool with swim up bar. Pool is social area, right side of the island more private. downside--you need to travel by the boat. This has never presented a problem for us when we travel in July. The boat goes back and forth when you want.

    CSS--separate beach from the resort, no buildings overlook beach, nice pool, swim up bar, food, larger beach. downside--white river empties near beach and a public beach is across the river.

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    At Sunset Beach (CSS), we like to go right in the morning and do some serious reading. Then, around 11:00 A.M. we move over to the pool and socialize. Perfect for us. Best of both worlds.


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    The one caution we have heard about the wonderful island at CTI is that somedays it is closed because of rough seas and it is only open from sometime in th morning 9:00 or 10:00 I think until 4:00 in the afternoon.

    CN and CSS AN areas are open all day everyday (with CSS being clothing optional around sunset).

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    If beach is important, than I say go to CN. The AN beach has the best beach area plus the ocean is wonderful for floating in. In the 3 times we have been to CN we have never seen any children wandering by the AN beach. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, we've just never seen it. The ocean is very clean with no seaweed and is very calm. The beach is also large enough that you can be just the two of you and not need to socialize if you don't want to. The ocean area is also large enough that it is never crowded.

    If the beach is not your main requirement, then I'd go to CSS. While it has a nice large beach with lots of private areas, the ocean is very rocky and the water is cool with a strong current that draws you toward the rocks. The AN beach is large enough that you can be secluded and the ocean is never very crowded due to the cool water and rocky ground with lots of seaweed.

    Of the 3 areas, I felt like CTI was the least private for couples who want to remain by themselves. The island is very small and can be really busy on some days. Plus it seems to be a bit rowdier than CN or CSS. There also is no beach to lay out on and soak up some rays. The only way to cool off is in the pool (very social) or on a small patch of beach where the boats drop off and pick up people.

    As for best time of year to go, the down season would be the least crowded, but Couples are boutique resorts that are never crowded no matter what time of year you go.

    You also will be pleasantly surprised at how respectful ANers are at Couples. We've hung out with some pretty amazing bodies and the girls were never felt oogled over.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Default CN AN was GREAT!

    My wife and I spent 8 wonderful days at CN in April. This was our first AN experience and we weren't sure we'd like it. We went AN the first day and never left. We only set passed through the textile side to go somewhere else. There was some foot traffic from other resorts but they were very respectful although there's always a chance to find some that aren't. We were amazed at how great a social environment it was. We met a few other couples that were amazing people. The first few minutes of the first day were a little awkward but after that it was just a bunch of people having great conversations and fun. The only woman I stared at was my wife (honestly). I too am blessed by being married to a beautiful lady that looks 20 years younger than she is. Never once did I feel that anyone was being disrespectful or rude. I don't know what it is about AN but everyone we met were truely nice people. It was easy to move off to the side if you didn't want to talk. The AN beach was always uncrowded. Spending time on the floaties in the warm clear water was the ultimate experience. Foot traffic on the beach was sparse enough that it was easy to "time" your entry or exit into the water to avoid direct contact with the textiles. I can't imagine a better experience than CN. The staff was great, facilities comfortable, sunsets spectacular, great food and a fantastic beach. We're hooked and trying to figure out how quickly we can get back.

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    Having only been to CTI, I really enjoyed it. It's very private in regards to the rest of the resort. Random people might paddle by on a kayak or other water vehicle, but no body walking by or vendors or anything like that. The bartender may occasionally stop by the right hand side to pickup empty glasses but usually he/she's too busy to leave the bar/pool area.

    My fiance was not really interested in socializing while AN, we stayed to the right everyday but one... we went in the pool one day but didn't stay all that long as we had a spa appointment. We did, however, meet up with people we met on the island to eat dinner and/or mingle at the regular bars in the evening.

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