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    Default Married on May 6th at CTI

    My husband and I were married at CTI on May 6th and everything was perfect. It was so stress free and everybody was super accommodating.

    We used the resort photographer who was great; we love our pictures.!/...&id=1536947878

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    I could not view your pictures

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    I could not view them either....

    peace & LOVE
    Jamie and Craig

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    Sorry I didn't realize my album was set to private; you should be able to see them now

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    Beautiful! Your pictures were really nice and I loved your ceremony location!

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    WOW!!! You're pics are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I think you said you used the resort photographer? How much time did you get with the resort photographer? Did you get to choose your poses? Or did he direct you? Thanks again!!! CONGRATs!!!

    peace & LOVE
    Jamie and Craig

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    Default Your pictures are beautiful!!

    Congratulations, you both look very happy!! You are so beautiful!!
    We are getting married Sept 15th but at CSA. Do you know if they use the same resort photographers. We are needing to book our photographer but we are having a hard time choosing! Do you have the name of your photographer?
    What time of day did you get married, what time slot I guess you would day?
    Thank you, any input would be great!! )

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    beautiful pictures, love your dress

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    Loved your pictures. Very pretty. Was that the standard arch or an upgraded one? And what time slot of the day did you choose?

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    Thank you all!

    We picked the earliest time slot (10:00) it was perfect because we had the rest of the day to relax. We did use one of the resort photographers. We were with the photographer for about an hour I would say but he let us determine how long we got, he made sure we had plenty of pictures to chose from in the end; it was not rushed at all. He did give us pose suggestions which was good since we wouldn't have known what looked good. We used the standard arch. Let me know if there were any questions I missed.

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