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    My wife and I are planning on celebrating our 30th at CSS next Jan. The last night there (before we go to CN for a week) I would like to surprise her with a dinner in the wedding gazebo. I wonder, though, should I keep it a surprise or let her be part of the planning and anticipation which is all part of the joy of going to Couples? She could also pick out her menu if I tell her in advance. So, for those of you who were surprised (or any of you with thoughts on the matter), did you like being surprised or would you have rather been told ahead of time? I do plan on giving her a gift of some sort at the dinner, working out some kind of surprise with the staff once we get there. Thanks.

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    I surprised my husband with dinner in the gazebo. I suggested we dress up for dinner that night and take a long walk to the restaurant. When we arrived at the gazebo, the path was lit by candles and our waiter welcomed us and poured us champagne. I'd made a CD which I given to Kareta, and that was playing when we arrived.

    What I hadn't planned, but was a nice surprise, was Ripley the photographer. He took some great photographs, and, it was really nice getting to know him throughtout the remainder of our vaction.

    If it were me, I would definitely opt for having this arranged as a surprise. I'm certain you will both enjoy this immensely!

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    Hopefully you know her better than I do. Having said that I know my DW would kill me if it were a surprise because she would want to have the perfect dress and all the things that go with that. We will be there the first week of February for our 34th anniversary and I have no surprise of that type planned. If you do want a surprise I recommend a love letter call from Randymon. I did that last year and she loved it!

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    I surprised my wife with the private dinner at CSA in April and she loved it. I even got a little help from the staff. You know your wife better than anyone but the surprise worked out great for me.

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    I agree with the surprise approach. I am a wife and my husband is not a romantic person. If he surprised me with a private dinner on the beach, I would be too busy crying to worry about anything else. He surprised me once and that was for our 1st anniversary. I cried! I was so shocked & surprised that I couldn't do anything else. I say surprise her and she won't even be worrying about what she has on and if it all matches. You might even get lucky. (lol)

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    Default Private Dinner

    We have just returned from CSS on Friday. On the Saturday night, we got dressed for dinner and were heading down to the non-reservation dinner restaurant. We walked the same path down which winds down the cliff from the G Block, which we highly recommend! It is a few more steps but the view from this block is breathtaking! The sunsets spectacular! Room service breakfast from the private patio is perfect! Now back to the private dinner LOL !! As we were walking around the corner we saw a path of candles leading up to the private gazebo! It was beautiful, we use candles to light our home on a regular basis at home, so I commented how nice, there is a couple going to have a nice candelight dinner! To that my honey responded "It's us!" I was sooo surprised! It was really something special to know he had planned this for us to enjoy an evening on our own in such a beautiful setting !! He even went the extra mile and had "Clive" one of the musicians who works on the property seranade us with his saxaphone!! Clive is fantastic , can play any requests and is very personable. It was a perfect evening.

    One thing we would highly recommend is requesting Jervis Gordon as your waiter. He is such a fantastic waiter and person. We truly enjoyed our evening with him. He was great to ask questions about Jamaica and their customs, and knew when to give us our time alone as well !!

    I would highly recommend keeping this one under your hat as a surprise! It truly made my heart flutter !

    Have fun! Enjoy! We miss it already!!

    Alice & Sean

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