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    Default WiFi Usage at CN

    Could anyone tell me a little more about the WiFi Center at CN? Is it reliable or is the network down a lot? We were thinking this would be the cheapest way to contact our family back home to let them know by email or Facebook that we had arrived safely and for them to leave us a message if they needed something. Can you easily get access or are the computers tied up all the time? Just trying to decide whether or not to add an international calling plan to my cell vs. buying a calling card if the WiFi will be problematic. Thanks!

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    The Internet Cafe has been reliable in our experience and rarely are all (6??) computers in use.

    WiFi (wireless connection to a laptop or other device that you bring with you) is also fairly reliable, though the connection may be stronger in some locations (e.g. the piano bar may be stronger signal than a patio of a room in block 3).

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    We always depend on email and Facebook to keep in touch with our family and have never had any issues. Couples is very good about keeping the internet up and running.
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    We used the computer lab as well. There were sometimes when all the computers were being used. Just wait around someone will get off and let you on.

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    Default WI-FI at CN

    We just returned yesterday from CN. Our room was in building 8 and we were able to video-Skype home every night to talk to the kids. Signal was weak some nights (11mps) and stong others (54mps), but good enough for Skype, e-mail, and browsing.

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    We have been to CN twice (last time was April 09) and have found the connection to be very reliable. It was down only one time for a couple of hours during our stay and believe it was due to when they were refurbishing the Internet Cafe.

    We also used the wireless and found that to be a very good connection from our room - we were in bldg 9. In addition to facebook/e-mail, we connected with family members via Skype so we could actually see each other (and there is no cost). And we were able to turn the camera to share with them a view of the paradise that we were enjoying.

    By the way, having Internet access is another Couples inclusive that most of the other resorts charge a fee. Actually that is a feature that we consider when choosing vacation locations.

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    Thanks so much! I hadn't even thought about Skype. That is a wonderful idea. As much as I am looking forward to getting away from the kids, I would also like to check in on them once or twice.

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    If you have a laptop, sit outside by the spa area and you can get a great signal there! We didn't bring ours the second time we went because we never had trouble getting on a computer in the computer lab. And the printer is always working as well so that you can print any boarding passes you may need!

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    Is there a fee to use the computer center or the wifi on your laptop?

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    We were at CN in April and we were on the 3rd floor of Bldg 7. I had my IPhone and was able to use the wifi in the room and from the balcony. It was really nice to get up every morning and check my emails while drinking a cup of coffee. I never had a problem with a signal the whole week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunbird View Post
    Is there a fee to use the computer center or the wifi on your laptop?

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