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    Default Invitation to attend the Repeat Guest dinner

    What is this? It is under Romance Rewards programs and I can't find out what it is, anybody out there know?
    Thanks in advance...Jenn

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    I'm not sure if membership in the Romance Rewards program is a pre-requisite, but the repeaters' dinner is a very nice affair that the four resorts use to welcome back returning guests. At SweptAway, this is on Monday evening. The kitchen staff prepare an extra special menu (always fantastic!) for this event.

    If you're not a member of Romance Rewards, it costs nothing but the time it takes to register online. Go for it!

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    You will get an Invitation card upon checkin in in your packet and you can just call to RSVP. If you don't get the card, just ask at the Concierge and they will get you straightened out.

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    The Repeat Guest Dinner is a dinner held by management to show appreciation to all guests who have been to a Couples Resort at least once before the vacation they are presently on. It is a great evening, and we highly recommend it!

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    I would gather this is your first visit to a Couples Resort.

    Upon your return trip or "repeat" vacation to Couples you are considered a REPEAT GUEST.

    What is it? It is where all repeat guest and management come together for dinner. It is Couples way of saying "Thank You for being a loyal guest".

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