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    Default Any other nervous flyers???

    Ok, so I am a bit of a baby when it comes to flying. I've flown once, about 9 years ago to that time I didn't really have much fear....but as I have aged, now I am freaking out about it! Any tips???? Surely I am not the only one

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    breathe and relax. There are things you just can not control. It will be alright and before you know it you will be at the lounge sipping down a cold red strip, saying hoooray beer

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    I am also a nervous flyer! What I do is bring things to do on the plane to distract me, like a good book, a puzzle type book (Sudoku, Crossword), basically anything you enjoy doing that will keep your mind off the fact that you are in a plane! Another thing I do is look around at the other passengers and flight attendants. They always look so calm so it calms me down. Last but not least...cocktails!! And before you know it, you'll be safely landing and starting your wonderful vacation!

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    Bring $7 for an in-flight adult beverage, and then distract yourself with a magazine, a book, crosswords, or anything else that works. I hate flying, too. It helps a LOT to relax (even if it's alcohol-induced) and to focus on something else. At least it's a short hop out of Florida to Jamaica.

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    I will raise my hand when it comes to fear of flying. I hate flying and I’m diabetic. Both of these add up to a lot of anxiety when it comes to a long flight. It’s really not as bad as it sounds. Bring music to listen to and a good book. Look out the window at all the beautiful water and imagine that you are sitting on a tropical beach. Relax, you’re going to Jamaica where there are no worries.

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    I agree....breathe and relax. Bring something on the plane to distract you and pass the time....books, magazines, my husband and I play crib. Hopefully your flight will be short

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    Pack your music appliance... tune out for a couple of hours... I highly recommend some mellow reggae riddims... and before you know it... its Red Stripe time!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    If you're just over-the-top afraid, go to your doctor and ask for a mild sedative (xanax). He can write you a prescription for just enough for the flights. I do this for "small aircraft" flights - the big ones don't bother me much. Or if you don't want to go to that much trouble, have a few drinks before getting on the plane to relax you.

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    I also hate to fly but going to Jamaica and CTI last Nov was WELL worth it! If you're really worried about it like me (I tend to make myself sick getting so anxious on the drive to the airport until I hit the terminal) go see a Dr. and they can give you something for your anxiety. It was well worth it for me..and no you don't get hooked on them!

    Good will all be worth it once you get to the Couples Lounge!

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    what is the OP afraid of ?

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    Try not to think about it too much, relax, listen to music, read etc...flying will always be safer than driving down the freeway during rush-hour, yet we do that every day without being nervous or needing a good adult beverage to help us face it...well, for the most part anyway haha

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    yep...xanax! I flew a ton as a kid, but when i was pregnant with my 1st child I started having panic attacks every time I flew. I spend my last flight crying for 4 hours straight and hypervetilating. I was married to a man who was also afraid to fly, so I didnt step on a plane for another 9 years. I got divorced and when I was remarrying, my husband and I wanted to get married in Vegas. I got some xanax(and a few beers) and was totally fine. I admit im a little worried about my flight to Jamaica because I have to change planes, but Im prepared. Its worth it in the end because I finally feel like I have control of my life longer trapped by my fear.

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    maywillcomehard - Fear isn't rational. The OP is just fearful of flying. I fear flying. I fear dogs. I don't know why I fear either. BUT, I DO.

    I take a small dose of Ativan when flying (and read and/or watch movies).

    I avoid dogs.


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    I don't know if it is fear...but since I have had kids I deal with some anxiety.
    As long as I take good deep breaths as we take off and then turn my brain off I can deal. Then when it is time to land I take my deep breaths again.
    I know that there is little to nothing that I can do about it but I won't let that anxiety determine where I can and can not go.

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    I fly all the time and I still freak out. Our trip to Jamaica is coming up next week and I am already starting to get nervous. Usually, I just talk to someone or take deep breaths and it helps control the anxiety. Sometimes even reading and deep breathing helps.

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    I took half a xanax pill once (given to me by my grandmother). It was great! Worked like a charm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maywillcomehard View Post
    what is the OP afraid of ?

    I don't know....the typical things....CRASHING!! I don't think it's that uncommon!!! I'm sure I will be fine, thanks to those who replied

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    Default mess

    Quote Originally Posted by lowelyisland View Post
    maywillcomehard -

    I avoid dogs.

    That just made me spit my coffee out. Of my nose.

    See you all in a few days!

    The Herman's
    Charlotte, NC

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    Quote Originally Posted by katherineelise View Post
    Any tips???? Surely I am not the only one
    .....Bring lots of reading material. This is a long flight. Be sure to use the rest room before boarding. You do not want to use the plane's. Think "Pot-a-Pottie". On the back of a moving flat bed truck. On a rough road!!

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    Xanax does wonderful things!! I never fly without it!!

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    Yup. I hate flying too.
    I have a decent meal and a drink at the airport then go to sleep before take off. When I wake up I do the same and so on.

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    xanax. When we first started flying, I had to medicate fairly heavily. That was about 10 years ago. Now we fly about 4 times a year and I take a xanax and a bonine and am good to go. Sometimes, if the flight is bumpy or i start to get nervous, I take another. I don't like the enclosed space and it takes the edge off. We also have a cocktail or 2 on board and then I usually sleep for a couple of hours. Good luck. Have fun in Jamaica-it is definitely worth the flight!

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    I not only am nervous, but have a flat out fear...I am a dental assistant so I just had the dentist I work for write me a prescription for Valium. It's what we give nervous dental patients. We leave in 3 days for CSA and I'm already having anxiety about the plane ride!!!

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    a cocktail in the airport, a cocktail on the plane, a cocktail in jamaica.... those three things help with any anxiety good luck!

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    I think you should be more afraid of the bus ride once you get there...

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