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    At a lot of the other carib resorts you see many canadians with their oversize coffee mugs to mazimize the drink potential and minimize the trips to the bar. Does couples allow this or are their glasses bigger than the 5oz sippy cups at other places!!!!

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    No, they do NOT allow it. You still see folks with the mugs, but the bartenders are not allowed to mix in them. The main reason is obvious (no, not to minimize the trips to the bar), but it also takes more time to mix in the mug. The rest of us want some service too!

    The reason that you still see folks walking around with them, is that they will order up two, then pour them in the mug. Whatever floats your boat...

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Default best drinks

    So as not to waste precious alcohol, what are the best drinks to order for a rum lover and a vodka lover. Don't want any teguilla!!!

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    All of the bars (at least at SweptAway) have carousels on them that have pages of drink specialties. You'll find your favorite (or your favorite will find you!) sometime during the time you're at the resort!


    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Oh sure, make us Canadians look like raging alcoholics with our gigantic travel mugs (Tim Horton's, no less)

    You know, I've brought travel mugs to other resorts in the past and decided it wasn't all it's cracked up to be. At the end of the day you're the one washing the sticky mug in a sink. Why? Also, the bigger the mug the quicker the drink gets warm (unless you guzzle)

    The plastic glasses Couples uses are much bigger than those little "sippy cups" they tend to use in Cuba or Mexico. Plus the service is better, so no problem mon. The flag service is just the greatest thing! By the time you finish one drink your waiter is back with another. If you're a guzzler, just order 2.

    I think most of the special blender drinks are rum based, but I'm sure you could experiment with making them with vodka. Our favourite drink was the hummingbird. Of course for the vodka drinker the greatest thing in the evening is the martini bar... mmmm... I am getting thirsty already! LOL

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    The glasses are (my guess) 8oz and just the right size to keep the drink cold enough until the very end. We've never felt the need to bring an oversize mug for drinks. It also seems to work out well for us that with each drink we take a bathroom break, so who needs mega mugs!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Spurgec ~ There are lots of tasty drinks with just rum or vodka. Ask the bartender to make their favorite or surprise you. Rum is the main drink in Jamaica, not tequila.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I walk around with a mug too but it either has coffee or water in it. Hate plastic bottles when it's not necessary.

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    Yes you will see the mugs and some of them use them for beer...most bartenders don't mind filling with beer. Also if you order bottles for your room, they give you full fifths!!! So you can also mix your own. OR they also have a self serve little bar on the beach with soda and usually at least rum and vodka.

    As far as favorite is vodka and Ting. Ting is a Jamaican soda made with real sugar and grapefruit juice. They have a drink menu at every bar...try something new...if you don't like it, order something else! Oh and if you like Rum...don't forget to try the Rum is heaven!

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    Not everyone orders two and then pours it into their mug. MANY people want to keep their water cold and free of sand. I use a regular Couples mug that I got in the gift shop for this reason. The ice melts so very fast there and the water gets warm. Plus when you are on the beach sand will always get it, not to mention the bugs like to hop in as well. They also work great if you have a room without a minibar. I like to keep some water next to my bed at night so the mug is great.

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    I questioned this on our first visit to CN as I am very conscious of the environment. Randymon was very reassuring that they do not use disposable cups that are then scattered throughout the beach, landfills and roadways.

    The cups they use I would say are actually 10oz-12oz. We did still take our mugs with us as we are BIG water drinkers. There are self serve stations through-out the resort. This makes it a lot easier to keep things cold, bug & sand free.

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    On the beach at CSA you can use the green flag service. If you run out of your drink, put up the flag and in no time someone will be there to rescue you from that dreaded empty cup. We were on the beach and thinking about getting a drink then next thing we know a server approached us with a tray full of was like they read our minds :-) A little after that a woman with a tray of fruit kabobs quickly became our friend. I really don't see the need of a mug when the drinks are everywhere! :-)

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