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    Default CSS - Penthouse vs Beachfront Suites

    Hi - We are getting ready to finalize our trip to CSS. We are going back and forth between the one bedroom beachfront suite and the Penthouse suite. Can anyone let us know if they have both been renovated and if they are about the same size ?

    How far a walk is it from the beach to the Penthouse suites ?


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    Hi guys

    Been to CSS 4 times and without doubt the Penthouses are superior in every way. From the beach you do have to walk the steps but the views and the facilities are far superior. The rooms are also much closer to teh restauants and teh main Baloon Bar

    Try to get E block (except room 12 which can be noisy).

    Have already booked again for 2010 and definately the Penthouse. The size and balcony alone are worth every penny

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    Thanks so much - which rooms in E are your favorite

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    Hello guys

    Try for E9 or 10 if you can, absolutely fab

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    Hey Bazza, thanks so much for your recommendation! We also have the penthouse booked for our trip to CSS this October. We're so excited! A lot of people prefer the location of the penthouses in the D block. In your opinion, is the E block better?

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    Default D Block Penthouse

    We are going on our third trip to the Prime Minister Suite in the D Block, it is AWESOME & INCREDIBLE, wouldn't go to any other one. The room and view is breathtaking.

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    But isn't true that the PH suites have just a screen that divides your balcony from the next?

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    I must admit when we changed to the Penthouse Suites part way through we looked at about six or seven and those in E block seemed to have both the biggest patio area and more importantly the only access to the outside area was via your own sitting room. the ones we saw in D block did seem to have the screened off areas and it was possible to get from one to another. I must confess I did not see the PM suite however we did view Steve McQueen and so on.

    It would be nice to see pics of the PM suite if anyone has any and there may be just one or two that have total privacy. I can only comment on those I have been in to. Certainly those in E block have total seclusion and peace and quiet which is really nice.

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    I'm freaking out. I asked in another thread which Penthouse Suite I could request. See

    Now I'm not so sure I should have booked a PH Suite.

    Does anyone have any insight on the noise issue???


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    Hi Jim,

    There is another thread open now about the suites but dont worry, CSS mocved us immediately we raised the issue about noise and showed us several before we moved to E9.

    As I said before it is down to choice but personally I like luxury and peace and quiet hence opting for E9

    Kind regards


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    Default CSS - Penthouse vs Beachfront suites

    Can anyone tell me what room number the prime minister's
    suite is? Are the corner units better?

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    We are currently at CSS and are staying in D21, the Angela Bassett Suite. It is the corner suite on the top floor of D building on the ocean side. The views are incredible. The balcony is very large and has an entrance from both the bedroom and the living room. It is true that the lattice divider between this room and the one other penthouse suite next to us (thats it, no more on this side of the building) could be more private, but it has not been an issue at all for us. We would definitely request this room again.

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    The Prime Minister Suite is D13 and we are now in it. We spent several days in a Beachfront Suite and then upgraded to a Penthouse Suite for our last 4 days. The view is fantastic and the room is impeccable. The stairs are not bad at all and I much prefer this room. I am going to post pictures when I get home, so look for them.

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    Thank you so much Dreamer.....It sounds absolutely perfect!!!!
    Hopefully we will get that room!!! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!!!

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    Default D21 Penthouse Suite


    You will not be disappointed if you get this suite. If you would like pictures, send me your email address and I will be happy to send you some.
    The only thing you need to be OK with is climbing stairs...but that's great for working off all the incredible food you will eat!

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    Hi Dreamer!
    Thanks, would love to see your pics when you get back.
    Here's my email address:
    Thanks again!

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    We have reserved a Penthouse Suite for 1-30 thru 2-6 and enjoy hearing all the reviews on the various suites. It seems like everyone has a favorite. It does get a bit confusing, and overall it looks like you cannot go wrong with most of them. My email is and I would love to see the photos of the Angela Basset suit. Thanks!

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    I hate to have D-21 (Angela Bassette) get too popular (haha), but here are a few pics of it from a few weeks ago. I have a lot more, but haven't finished uploaded all of them to my Photobucket account yet (soon come, mon!!).


    Living room view:
    Name:  CSS.D21.LivingRoom_08.09.jpg
Views: 1699
Size:  28.8 KB

    Bedroom view:
    Name:  CSS.D21.BedroomView_08.09.jpg
Views: 1689
Size:  29.8 KB

    Bathroom view:
    Name:  CSS.D21.BathroomView_08.09.jpg
Views: 1908
Size:  28.6 KB

    Balcony (from outside bedroom french doors) (those 2 small windows are the bathroom windows) (french doors at end are off of living room):
    Name:  CSS.D21.Balcony.FromBedroomEnd_08.09.jpg
Views: 2021
Size:  34.0 KB

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    Here are a few more of the view from our D-21 balcony...

    View towards left (from end of balcony) toward main beach:
    Name:  CSS.D21.View.Left_08.09.jpg
Views: 1706
Size:  54.2 KB

    View straight out:
    Name:  CSS.D21.View.Straight_08.09.jpg
Views: 1682
Size:  48.4 KB

    View to right toward elevator & G block:
    Name:  CSS.D21.View.Right_08.09.jpg
Views: 1663
Size:  58.3 KB

    View to right & back a bit (G block on left & F block behind trees):
    Name:  CSS.D21.View.RightBack_08.09.jpg
Views: 1662
Size:  68.4 KB

    View back, of E block:
    Name:  CSS.D21.View.Back_08.09.jpg
Views: 1744
Size:  71.1 KB

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    Thank you for the links, unfortunately I couldn't open!

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    Hi Jackie.
    Those pictures are awesome! Many thanks! Gorgeous views!
    Did they just put you in that room or did you request it?
    Thanks again!

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    Yeah, it seems that they approve the posts before they approve the pics sometimes!! I couldn't see them last night either. Seems ok now for me.

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    We requested D block for our Penthouse suite, just hoping that we would actually get it (we've always wanted to stay in D) !! And, we totally lucked out !!

    Occupancy was pretty low the week we were there, though, so that probably helped with our "luck". There were a few days that we (I believe) were the only ones up there on top of D, out of the 4 suites


    Another (fun) view :
    Name:  CSS.D21.View.RedStripe_08.09.jpg
Views: 1629
Size:  24.6 KB

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    Thank you for posting the pics--- I saw the pictures of the Penthouse Suites and had to upgrade our room for next July. My bank account may not appreciate the upgrade but we will!

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    Very nice photos. Are the penthouse suites in E block about the same as this unit? I'm torn between E block and D block.

    Kevin & Tammy
    CN 2005
    CSS 2010
    CSS 2014

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