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    Default Restaurant reservations

    Am I correct in that you DO NOT require reservations for Lychee and Heliconia at C.Negril?
    just trying to figure out my order of restaurants and don't want to miss out if I arrive friday and can't get the ones that do require reservations in time.
    Thanks for your insight

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    There is only one restaurant at CN which requires a reservation. That is the gourmet restaurant. Lychee and Heliconia need no reservation.

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    Dinner reservations is required for only one of the four restaurants...the Otahite. Note: I believe you can make reservations only a couple of days in advance. Hope you enjoy your time at paradise on earth.

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    Yes, you're correct. Reservations are required ONLY at Otaheite.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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