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    Default Nightlife and fun at CSA?

    Looking forward to our romantic/relaxing honeymoon at CSA in a couple weeks. The beaches of Negril were the biggest draw for us!

    I know it's not Cancun, but we're still hoping to have a little fun! I few reviews I have read lead me to believe it's pretty quiet? Do people get a little dressed up (resort style of course) for dinner and a 'night out'? What is the nightlife like? Any socializing, dancing? How hard is it to round up some fun people for a little volleyball in the afternoon?

    Can't wait, hoping there are some other fun couples!!

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    Many do dress for dinner, although we also noticed several who chose not to. For dancing/socializing, try the Aura Lounge after 11; there was usually a small crowd there, pretty good time.

    We didn't participate, but there were frequent volleyball games going on with the entertainment staff, who by the way are a sure to get
    acquainted with them.

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    There is entertainment, most people do not see it as they are so tired after a long day in the sun. Aura lounge gets going from ultimate on but really starts at 10 ish when the DJ comes on and they have dancing. Depending on the week and who is there this can get to look like one of the clubs in cancun.

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    Hi bscott and welcome to the Couples family. Congrats on your upcoming wedding. I'm assuming that since it's your honeymoon that you're a younger couple. We're in our mid 50s and enjoyed our evenings with Ultimate Chocolate in the Aura lounge. There was always a mixed age group of people who got together around the piano to sing along or play men against women in a game of name that tune. Believe me it's more fun than it sounds on paper. The disco starts after Ulti has you warmed up. They have a DJ or a live band until 1 or 2am when the last person leaves. There's also entertainment in the evening at the Palms restaurant with a stage and dance floor. I doubt if anything at CSA will compare to an eveing at Senor Frogs in Cancun. I remember my wife and her friend dancing on the bar for free I'm sure that if you meet a few other couples that feel you need more excitement you can walk down the road and pay for some over priced drinks at Margaritaville. There you can meet up with a young crowd and party. You could also ask for a recommendation for a hot spot at the concierge desk. All in all I feel that you'll be happy with what's available at CSA and will be too tired after a long day to venture off the property. My advice is to be very cautious of evenings out in a foreign country. You need to keep your wits about you to stay out of trouble.
    Enjoy your time at CSA!

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    The piano bar ,which is a must experience, starts at 9:00pm and goes till 11:00pm then the DJ takes over in the Aura Lounge and goes till everyone is done.

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    we are hoping there will be some nightlife also! When are you going? We'll be there May 23-29th.

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    Scott! My husband and I are fun! When will you be there? We are going May 29 to June 5!

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    When we were there last year for dress it was anything goes. Some dressed way up others not! As for night life it was a hit and miss. Some nights the piano bar was really hopping and fun, other nights not. Disco, one night we went there and "nothing" another night it was very busy and fun. You can always grab a very cheap cab and go up the road to lets say the jungle!
    As for entertainment staff I never met a one. We have stayed at the Royal Decameron in MoBay and their ET staff is very outgoing and you get to know them day one. They are always getting pool volleyball going or something of the sort. I never saw anything like this at CSA. We kind of missed that kind of fun. Some do not like to be bothered with it. That is why this year we are splitting our stay between CSA and RDMB. We liked CSA better so are staying 6 nights there, great food, beach and relaxing and then off to RDMB for a little "fun" for 4 nights!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KayakChick View Post
    Scott! My husband and I are fun! When will you be there? We are going May 29 to June 5!
    KayakChick, we will be there May 30 thru June 6...looking forward to it!

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    We've been to CSA several times, and we've never found it to be a wild and crazy place at night. The Aura Lounge certainly can be fun at night. You might want to consider going off-resort for a few evenings. Margaritaville is a short walk/drive south of CSA. I only bring this up because if you are expecting Vegas style shows, you are not going to find it at CSA. The evening entertainment is nice, but not lavish. The bonfire and movie on the beach are very romantic.

    And there are always people playing volleyball on the beach!!

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