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    Default CTI Beginning of June!

    Me and my Boyfriend are going to Couples Tower beginning of June... I have read all great reviews! I'm am just worried about the beach (too many waves) and stuff to do?!!!! Should I switch to different resort?!! Or is CTI as amazing as it says????

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    It's amazing. Trust your choice. There are more inclusions at CTI than any of the Couples Resorts. As far as waves, it's the ocean there are supposed to be waves. Enjoy.

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    Youare going to love it!!!!!!!! You and your boyfriend will have a great time. You may want to check the June 2010 thread under the Meet Up at Couples tab. We have a great group that has developed over the course of this past year. Everyone is really getting excited about being there. Speaking for the entire group, we would love to welcome y'all. When are you arriving CTI??
    Peace, Love, and Respect
    CN 2002, COR 2007, CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CTI June 4-15, 2012

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    Trust your choice, and go to the "meet up at couples" tab and join the June 2010 group. We went last year and are going back this year. We thought about trying other places but fell in love with CTI!!!

    Kristin and Brian

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    We are going the 4th through the 9th!!!!! I don't see June 2010 tab?? Is it there yet?? Thanks!

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    You will love Couples CTI don't switch.

    CTI is a very mild beach. The beach is protected by a reef and an island so it blocks most waves. It is usally calm enough for people to water ski between the island and the resort.

    As far as running out of things to do I don't really know what you are interested in, but they have a ton of activities to participate in like snorkeling, scuba, horseback riding, food, drinking, they have a gym, volleyball tournaments, nature walks, morning runs, shopping trips, shops at the resort, a great staff that will help you find whatever it is you are looking for. There are so many great inclusions and oppurtunities for you to try something new that you can be as active or as relaxed as you want.

    This will be our third trip to CTI. The first we went for 7 days, last year it was for eight days, this year for ten days.

    I think you will love it. I told my wife you plan the wedding it is your day just tell me what you need me to do, but in return I am planning the honeymoon. I booked couples then a few weeks later I showed her the brochure and she was sceptical. She had heard from friends that they did not like Jamacia and was nervous about going. We arrived at the airport and went into the lounge area and immediately greated by the staff, served a cold redstripe and had a blast the rest of the honeymoon.

    If you have any questions ask and you will get a bunch of replies, but try not to second guess your choice you made a good one!

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    THank you for the response! I'm going to be there in 15 days!!! HOpe to meet you all!

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    We just got back from CTI last week (we had our wedding there) and it was so great we are getting ready to plan a trip back for next year. There is a ton of stuff to do, the food is awesome, and the people are great! In fact, we did not even get a chance to do some of the activities we wanted to do because we ran out of time! There were a couple of red flag days towards the end of our stay but it was still awesome. I plan to post a review of our entire experience shortly, including our wedding, and hopefully I will be able to post some pics. We briefly considered going somewhere else but then figured why not go back to CTI since we loved it? Stick with your first choice!

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    AWW thanks for the reply! Did you guys find that the rain got in the way! We've been looking at the forecast and it looks like it has been raining every day?!! How was the weather???
    Glad you had a great time! Congrats!

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