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    Default CSS of CTI... Can't decide... help!

    My husband and I are going to get away for a few days this November.... about 4 days to relax. We stayed at CN a while back and absolutely loved it!!! This time we want to try something different! We thought we would try either CSS or CTI this time but don't know which one to choose! They both look amazing, but I'm wondering which one is more low key? Do they both have a swim up pool bar? b/c that was our favorite part haha! Also, how far are they from the airport? After our hour plus drive to CN last time I was SOOOOOOO sick! I'd like to avoid that if possible lol!! Anyone willing to give some pros and cons of each I would be so thankful. Thanks a bunch!!

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    I thought CSS was more laid back than CTI, but the week we were there, there was a wedding so that might have added to the liveliness of the resort that week. Both resorts have swim up bars.

    The ride to CSS or CTI is about 1 hour 45 minutes, so about the same time as it took to get to CN. The ride to CTI/CSS is along a highway and doesn't go through all the little towns like the ride to CN.

    We prefer CSS as it felt more romantic to us, plus there are lots of winding pathways where you can get lost with your honey. Neither one has the fabulous beach like CN and we did miss the beach.

    CTI felt more like a high-rise hotel to us while the rooms at CSS are tucked away all over the resort. CTI is more compact than CSS and CSS has a ton of stairs as it is built on a cliff.

    CTI offers horseback riding and catamaran cruise as part of it's all inclusive. Both offer Dunn's River Falls.

    If I was running away for four days just to spend time with my honey, I'd choose CSS. It just felt like a more intimate resort to us.
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    They both have swim up bars, I would say CTI is more active. they both also have swim up bars at the AN areas. they are within 10 minutes of each other and although the ride may be a lttle longet than CN the road is nowhere near as winding. It's straight along the coast raod. I would say CSS is the more low key if that's what you are looking for but CTI is our favorite of the three, we've tried.

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    I think Juli and Dandj did a pretty good job of summing up the two resorts, so it boils down to what attributes you are looking for in your next locale. On the one hand you asked which was more low key, which I think most agree is CSS, if for no other reason than it's the largest resort in acreage, yet has the smallest customer base. A sizable majority of veterans would also tab CSS as the quietest and most romantic of the four properties.

    But I'm not sure if that's what you prefer, because you then follow up by stating your favorite part is the swim up bar. To me that indicates you're seeking something more on the active side. If that's the case then CTI would better fit the bill, as due to its more compact size and layout, it tends to be a very social resort.

    My suggestion, which is pretty much the same advice I give everyone who is asking about comparing resorts, asking for pros and cons, etc, is to first define what you want out of your next stay. What features, activities, services, etc matter most to you? Then see which resort better matches those needs. Good luck, altho I don't think you'll go wrong with either selection.

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