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    Default $500 resort credit/ Upcoming specials

    We are thinking about booking a trip to Couples Negril with the 7 night $500 resort credit and wanted to know exactly what the credit can be used for. (i.e. scuba Certifaction, golf, etc...) We are looking at booking the frist week in March 2011 and are wondering if there are going to be any other upcoming special we should know about. Thanks for your help!

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    Basically, "if you can charge it to your room, the credit applies."

    See this thread for more information.

    There is still some confusion as to whether or not off site excursions booked through the resort tour desk can be charged to your room.

    As far as "upcoming specials" are concerned, that is up to Couples Management and we usually don't get much advance warning. They just pop up and we all smile. Keep an eye on this board each Wednesday for the "Wednesday Escape" specials.
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    Book now! There won't be any better specials than what is currently being offered.

    You can use the resort credit for anything that you can charge to your room including SCUBA certification. Golf is already included in the resort charge so you will only need to pay for the caddies and that must be paid at the golf course. But if you book any trips through the tour desk, those can be charged to your room including spa treatments and special wines plus items at the gift stores.
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