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    Default Is it better to buy packages before hand on in CSA??

    We are going to CSA July 26 and would like to know if we should buy ex.. spa packages...water sports and such before we get there? is there a price difference? Is there a way to pay less? We are going as a honeymooners...staying in the Beachfront Verandah!!

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    The services you mention can only be reserved after arrival.

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    The spa treatments are the same price no matter when you book them.

    I'm not sure what water sports you are interested in, but everything is included except for night SCUBA and night snorkeling. Otherwise everything is included and I mean EVERYTHING: SCUBA, snorkeling, sailing, cat cruise, paddle boats, skiing...I can't remember them all, but let me know which things in particular you are thinking of and we can let you know if it is included.
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