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    Default off site activities in CN

    Hello everyone,
    We are newbies! We booked vacations in CN in August and we would like to do also some things outside of the resort.
    Things like: fishing, buggy ride, on-air tour or even safari or going to the black river.
    Is there info at the concierge? Do you know any prices?
    For fishing for example?

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    We were there in October 09 and went off resort for one day. We booked through the desk; Black River Safari, Appleton Rum tour and YS falls. It was a full day and I believe around $135? per person. In retrospect, I think I would have hired a personal driver, did the Pelican Bar (which we have yet to see....hoping in November) and the YS falls. The river was ok; only saw one crocodile, the rum tour..hmm a little disappointing, however the free samples were good. YS falls was unbelievable. Pay for a guide to take you up; they know exactly where to step and will take pics for you. I believe we paid our guide $10. Enjoy Jamaica, it truly is a beautiful country with beautiful people. 179 days to go until sun, sand and love

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    I posted the prepared literature.

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    Vera if this is your first time to negril you may wish to keep it simple and absorb the vibe that is negril and long bay. CN sits on bloody bay long bay referred to as 7 miles beach is chock full of mom and pop places each with its own vibe. Same with the west end. Spend a day kicking around have a drink meet some locals and see if the negril vibe is for you. For many folks who return to negril it is said vibe that has such a strong attraction. Enjoy and if you go to you can get tons of negril centric information

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    The tour desk will have lots of options to choose from.

    If you go to the Sports Hut there is a guy there that will take you fishing in his boat. I don't know the price.

    I'm not sure what you mean by a buggy ride or on-air tour. There is a commuter flight that flies between CN and Montego Bay Airport and you could take that as opposed to taking the shuttle to or from the airport. Also, there aren't any safari rides in Jamaica. There are trips to water falls, Appleton Rum Tour, Pelican Bar, river rafting and things like that.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Thank you guys so much! Of course I think we'll finally spend our time on the beach relaxing all day long. I'm thinking if we'll be in the mood for a day outside just to have in mind what are our options!We'll see you there- 28th of August to 4th of September!
    Can't wait!!!
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