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    Default Nightlife at CN?

    My husband Dan and I are super excited to be going to CN for the first time! We are in our 40's and enjoy dancing, etc. I've read some other posts that say at CN the nightlife is a little quieter than other places. Can anyone comment on that? Are there nearby places to go? What are the nighttime activities like?


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    CN is what you make of it..... If you want peace and quiet - its that...If you want party and dancing - its that. You can't go wrong with CN and will have a wonderful time!

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    Hey Julia,

    We are in our 40s and 30s and we'll see you on the dance floor. We'll be there May 23rd - 30th.

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    After dinner there is a house band that plays every night until 10:30 - 11:00pm and they always have good dance music. Then the party moves to the Piano Bar where they do different things each night. Some nights they have a disco party, other nights it is a sing-a-long, some nights karaoke, just depends on the night. You can stay plenty busy at CN if you don't want to go off property. The Piano Bar stays open until the last person leaves.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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