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Thread: Beach at CTI???

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    Default Beach at CTI???

    I was wondering what the beach was like at CTI. We love CSA and were thinking of trying something new. We prefer a calmer beach, but I've heard CTI has several red flag days?

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    It was beautiful the whole time we were there..never had a red flag day.

    We went the week of April 30 - May 7th.
    perfect..and I LOVED CTI.

    The friendliest staff, and excellent we have ever had.
    I'd say go to CTI.

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    Red flags depend on the time of year, I think. We have never in 3 trips to CTI in July had red flag days. Now watch this year we will, oh well. Beach is much smaller, but plenty of room for the guests always plenty of loungers, water gets deep quicker, palms provide shade. Sand more of a peach color. As the resort is in a cove, their is not outside foot traffic walking the beach.

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    Plenty of Beach!
    We were wondering the same thing. It was perfect!

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    From time to time the wind kicks up and they have to cancel water activities. Hobie cat, water bike, water skiing. But swimming goes on. Also, from time to time, the "island" is closed. It's a safety factor. Not to worry. A bad day in Jamaica is better than a good day at home. If the "island" is closed, then they will try to get us to Sunset Beach at CSS.
    it's all good.


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    CSA's beach and CTI's beach are completely different. The sand at CTI is not as soft as CSA's. CTI's beach is very small compared to CSA's and we found there to be more waves at CTI than at CSA. If you are a big beach person, I wouldn't suggest any of the Ocho Rios resorts, but if you are fine with a small beach and don't want to take daily strolls on the beach then it can be alright. The other difference is that CTI's beach has some seaweed in the water and of course CSA's water is crystal clear without anything in it.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We were at CTI a couple of weeks ago and did have a couple of red flag days and a yellow flag day in the week we were there. We have only been there once, so I don't have any other experience to match.

    We have been to Negril twice in April (once to Swept Away) and did find it calmer there. The week we were at CSA (back in 2006) there were no red flag days. No red flags at the "other place" we went to either.

    CSA 2006
    CTI Apr 2010
    CN Oct 2010

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