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Thread: Im panicking!!

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    Default Im panicking!!

    Okay I am now packing as we speak...3 days to go!! Now that I have started, I am having concerns about my luggage being lost! I am finding myself wanting to put EVERYTHING in my carry on. How often does this happen? How often do you find yourself arriving in Jamaica without your luggage?? Is this a common thing? So common, that I would be smart to most of my stuff in my carry on? Or rare enough that I can fill my non carry on with my clothes, underwear and mouthwash!!! PLEASE HELP!!

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    why are you worrying about stuff you have zero control over ?
    as far as how often does it happen
    pack one set of clothes in your carry on and relax u are headed to ja why get worked up... then again if you wish to get worked up i would consider if the pilot is sober or if they properly fueled the plane the down side to those is a lil more severe lol have fun

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    For some peace of mind, you could do what my wife and I always do when we go on longer trips, especially when our destination includes a change of planes. I refer to it as redundancy packing. Whatever we pack in our check-in luggage, we try to pack similar, if not outright duplicate items in our carry-ons as well, to a lesser extent of course. This way, if our check-in luggage gets lost or is not forwarded for several days, we have still most of the essentials at our disposal.

    Does this result in overpacking? Yes, it does lead to a bit of this. But we'd rather bring too much than have to scramble to find various necessities, which of course will most likely be at the mercy of tourist prices.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    I understand your anxiety about that, but really no one can say it will or will not happen. I've never had it happen but the worry is always there when I travel. I would put enough things in your carry on to cover you for a day or two because if for some strange reason your luggage doesn't make it when you arrive, it will be straightened out very quickly. I've read posts on this board about luggage not making it and how it is generally received and delivered to Couples very quickly (within days). Try not to let this anxiety freak you out too much because it is clearly out of your hands.

    The gift shops at the Couples Resorts offer many things should you need to buy anything so you will be covered no matter what.

    Relax, every ting irie.
    Sharon "gravysgal"

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    Huh. Never had to deal w/lost luggage. Been flying to and from JA since 1987. Go & enjoy mon. Razzl

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    Hopefully you picked a resort with AN beach as you wont need your luggage!!

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    we lost our luggage in February. Be sure to pack in your carry on any medicine you need, your bathing suit, sandals, toothbrush & toothpaste, sunscreen, some sort of coverup. Our luggage came by the middle of the afternoon the next day. However, we travel a lot and this is the first time it happened to us.

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    Take a Deep Breath - and try to relax... no sense worrying about something that you have no control over and that likely will NOT happen....
    Here's what we do - We figure out what we both need for the week (or longer).... and put half hubby's stuff and half my stuff in each suitcase...this way if one piece of luggage were delayed we each have enough for several days and nights....
    And we don't give it another thought... Try not to worry... Think about ALL the Fun and Relaxation you are going to have and ALL the FANTASTIC Food & DELICIOUS Drinks and NICE People you are going to meet... Not to mention that Beautiful Beach and the Absolutely Delightful Jamaicans!!!
    Relax and ENJOY!!!
    Art xo Francine

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    Been to CSA 6 times. Luggage lost twice. The second time we never saw it for 9 days....My BF had his clothes in our carry on - I had 1 black dress and 1 bathing suit....the airline kept telling us our bag would be at the MBJ airport "this afternoon...." ummmm nope....BTW - this was USAir....

    On a brighter note, my BF travels to Asia very frequently (all over) and has only had his bag delayed once.

    I guess it just depends on what kind of mood the baggage gods are in....

    Moral of the story - now we only pack carry ons....but a modified version of the redundancy packing might be a good idea too....

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    I always pack our swim suits (one each), my cover up, a couple of shirts/tops and shorts for each of us as well as our essentials such as toothpaste/brush, medications etc. Usually enough for the first couple of days. I figure we can eat at the non-reservation restaurant if we loose our luggage until it shows. Then, the rest gets packed in our checked baggage. No problem then. Relax and enjoy. The chances are probably slim, but it can happen, but don't fret about it. All is good.

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    I've had losemyluggageaphobia all my life since as a kid we did a trip to Florida, dressed for winter, and all our luggage got misplaced and we had nothing in carry-on. It was really hot too. My parents were so naive those days.

    Now we just do a few things in case our luggage goes missing and I don't worry about it.
    1) I make sure I have a few of my favourite things, including a bathing suit or 2. They are samll but expensive to replace, so I always pack these in carry-on. Plus then you can just go to the beach. I also include a coverup, flip flops, underwear and a dress for later. If I still have room I add a tank top, shorts, whatever else can fit. Just be sure you have some sandals if you're wearing closed toe/sneakers/wintery shoes down there!

    2) We cross-pack. We set out everything we want to bring and then put half of my stuff with half of his stuff into each suitcase. That way if one goes missing we have some of our stuff, rather than one of us having all our things and the other having nothing... unless of course they lose it all! This saved us last time.

    On our last trip to Puerto Rico for a cruise they lost one of bags. It wasn't on the carousel so we went to the desk and they located it. It missed our connection from LAX, so they sent it to Miami. Since they have lots of flights from Miami to PR they said it would be there later that day. Luckily we got in a day ahead of our cruise. Otherwise, they actually ship it to the first port! It arrived late that night, about 8-10 hours or so after us. They bring it right to the hotel. We had enough stuff in the other suitcase and our carry-ons. No problem.

    So take some precautions, but don't worry and get anxious. If it doesn't arrive with you it will likely be sent out to the resort later that day or the next. So if you've packed a few things for day 1, no problem mon.

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    I've never had an Airline lose a bag in my entire life- anywhere. It's a good idea when you are checking in at your home airport, to watch to make sure they tag your bag with a MJB tag. Then it's out of your hands, literally.

    In all the times we've gone to Jamaica, I've met one person whose bag was lost for one day..They don't fall off the face of the earth, the Airlines will get it to the Couples lounge and you will have it soon enough.
    Pack your bathing suit and cosmetics in your carry-on and one change of clothes.
    Then pack half of your things in your husband's suitcase with half of his things, in other words.." cross-pack" so if they lose ONE bag you BOTH have half of what you need until the other bag shows up.

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    We pack carry on only these days. No waiting at either end of the trip and we have everything we need with us at all times. We can pack for two weeks in a carry on 22in and a backpack.

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    Besides redundancy packing between your carry on and your checked bags, split your clothes between your checked make sure there's a mix of his and hers in each checked bag. If you're planning on taking one large suitcase for both of you, take two smaller ones and split things up.

    While there is very little possibility of a checked bag being lost, there is even less likelihood that two checked bags will be lost. Split your luggage and increase the chance you will some things when you arrive... though you will most likely have everything.


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    I wouldn't call this a common thing - but it can and does happen no matter where you are flying (it is not more likely to happen going to Jamaica).

    Over the years, we've arrived in various locations both before and after our luggage (once our luggage went to Jamaica while we were stuck in ATL overnight).

    Packing a few necessities in your overnight bag will relieve some of the stress. No matter where we are going, I always pack in carryon:
    • Change of underwear
    • Extra shirt (or even complete change of clothes)
    • swimsuit
    • contact lens case and solution
    • meds
    • anything else that I absolutely can not lose (expensive jewelry, etc)

    With the above +courtesy packs from the airline and/or hotels, I can get by for several days if necessary (we've never been separated from luggage for more than a day).

    If you are getting married, I would keep wedding gown with you (they can hang it in the closet on the plane).

    Both the airlines and the hotels are skilled in dealing with these situations and the problem is usually resolved quickly with very little effort on your part other than reporting the missing pieces.

    If you are still worried, buy trip insurance. This will cover you for a set amount per day if you have to buy additional clothes, etc due to lost luggage while travelling.

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    Default Take a Pill Girl...

    We have been to Jamaica 16 times and no troubles. Always pack your bathing suit in the Carry On in case your room is not read. Obviously your medications and valuables... Pack less is the first recommendation... only a couple pair of shoes not a million.. Also.... we learned the hardway do not use the last four of your telephone number as the combination to the room safe. If that number is written on the Luggage about 30 times.

    Oh Well.... relax enjoy partake and go to the nude beach you will never leave it..


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    Default Luggage Lost 7 times.

    I have really bad luck with luggage, so bad it has become a joke. Out of ten trips I have made with checked luggage, my luggage has been lost 7 times. Always heading on vacation. So If i am going somewhere where I can buy liquids I dont't check luggage, if I am leaving the county and cant buy conditoner. I only check my liquids and my extra clothes. My luggage has been lost in San Diego, Las Vegas, Mexico twice, Jamaica twice, and Orlando. The trip to San Diego it took 3 days. All the other times I got my luggage by the next day. I really would not worry about it. Have clothes for the next day you will be fine.

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