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    Default CN------or-------CSS.......please help

    15 year anniversary fast approaching we want to enjoy 5-7 days in paradise away from work and 4 wonderful children..
    My question is CN or CSS we love the idea of 7 mile beach and long walks and beautiful sunsets of Negril or enjoy skinny dipping in a beautiful AN area with ocean pool , snack bar bar etc......Hard choices never been to Couples before have been to S 4 times .how does the food and activities compare....But we really want to bare all !!! We just want enjoy what we are blessed with,.....each other.
    looking for july 7-13
    Thanks all.

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    If you want the best AN option, then CSS all the way! Their AN beach is 2nd to none!

    If you want long walks on the beach, then CN as CSS hardly has any beach.

    That's a tough choice. We love both.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We have been for a week at CSA, and spent a day at CN. Then we spent two 9 day trips to CSS, with a day at CTI. Send us an e-mail , and we'll send you an overview of our thoughts, and some pictures!

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    We've been to CN twice and love the resort. CSS is the other Couples resort that calls to us but we haven't been yet. Coloradojuli sums it up well I think.

    It's the 2-mile stretch of 7-mile beach that we love so much at CN. We start every day with a brisk walk from one end to the other... 4 miles... before breakfast. And the AN facility at CN suits us very well. The beach is deep with lots of shade. You can chat with people or sit quietly on your own. There are a couple of hammocks for catching an afternoon snooze in and the water is amazing!!! soft sandy bottom. Never more than gentle rolling waves. It's paradise!!!!

    There are plenty of activities at Couples, but none really on the AN beach at CN. I know there are some at the AN area at CSS.

    The food... we love the food! There is a wide variety and the menus change every couple of days. A very few people we have met find some difficulty with the food. They seem to be people with a fairly narrow list of foods, prepared in only certain ways, that they enjoy. There's nothing wrong with that, but I suspect they have only a few places where they find a selection of food they enjoy.

    We enjoy vacations with fewer people and the ability to find quiet locations if we want but still have access to activities if the mood strikes us. Of course great service and great food are a terrific bonus if ever your find that combination. Couples provides us with all of these things. That's why we will be back in April of 2011!!!


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    We've been to CN 3 times and CTI 3 times and used trading places to visit CSS last year. We love CN and we will actually be there July 9-17. So CN gets my vote.

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    see you there............

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