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    Default 3 DAYS TO GO!!! Some last minute questions!!

    So we leave for CSA in 3 days to get married. We are newbies!! I have a few questions I hope someone will answer!!

    1. If I dont bring my own wedding music, most likely what will they play for us? Bob Marley?

    2. Can we bring our own IPOD dock, if we put it in our suitcase? The size is comparative to a small boombox.

    3. I am worried about packing. I have all my sand ceremony stuff in a big ziplock bag in my suitcase, will the airport get suspicious of this and take it all out and unwrap it? No big deal if they do, just trying to get an idea of how long I will hold up the lines. lol

    4. What should I make sure is IN my carry on? I dont know what to put in It has been YEARS since I have flown.

    5. We are smokers. Can we put a carton of smokes in our carry on? Or does it have to go in our suitcase. Can we even take a carton of smokes in our suitcase? Will they let me carry on a pack of smokes in my purse on the plane, just without the lighter? Maybe I should call the airline...

    Thanks for any last minute tips....

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    "Can we bring our own IPOD dock, if we put it in our suitcase? The size is comparative to a small boombox."

    You don't need it, there is one in the room. We do bring our portable iHome, with batteries- just to have it with us, but I would never pack valuables or electronics in luggage...we carry that on.
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    take it easy will be fine. let me try to answer some of your concerns:

    1.You will meet with Tamika the wedding coordinator and you can select every detail , music included, at the meeting.

    2.the rooms all have a clock radio with an ipod dock. no need to bring it.

    3.your checked luggage will not hold anyone up. it will only be opened if deemed suspicious. no problem.

    4.make sure you have a change of clothes and you beach attire. also your important electronics, camera...cell phone, ipod. might not hurt to have a small 3oz size bathroom items just in case. these items must all be in a 1 quart ziplock bag and go through screening separate from your carryon. see www.tsa,gov for the most up to date info on these items and also what you can and cant carry on. may bring one carton of smokes with you into Jamaica. no problem....where you transport them is up to you. we usually place them half in checked and half in carryon.

    hope this helps, have a great wedding and enjoy Swept Away.


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    Whoa... sounds like a bit of panic setting in! OK... here goes...

    I have no idea what kind of music they offer for weddings, although I've seen many of them; I just have no way of knowing which ceremonies had music provided by the resort. I don't recall hearing any Marley, though. Its always very appropriate (not that Marley wouldn't be!).

    Yes, you can bring your own docking station. Not sure of where you're going with that, though, unless you have a ceremony mix on your ipod.

    Nothing that you put in your checked bag will hold anything up, unless its overweight (50#).

    Carryon - TSA frowns in batteries in checked bags (fire hazard with some types), so put those in your carryon. Any valuables, cash, jewelry, portable electronics, laptops or netbooks, precription medications, etc. should be in your carryon. Bring a pen... you'll need it for filling out immigration/customs forms.

    Tobacco products... there is a limit on how much you can bring into Jamaica, but being a non-smoker, I don't know what it is. But a quick Google of "Jamaica Customs" brought up a good website that explains it all... looks like a limit of 200 cigarettes before any kind of tariff or duty kicks in. Good news, though... one of the FIRST things you will hear on the beach is "Ciiiiiiiiiiiigarettes!!! Ciiiiiiiiiiigarettes!!! Cigars... Cigarro, cigarro, cigarro!" That will be the cigarette guy, whose voice and hat are fixtures on the beach at SweptAway.

    You're welcome... now finish packing and relax...

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    As far as cigarettes go, I would suggest grabbing a carton at the duty free at the airport. They're much cheaper, and you just pick up the bag at the gate as you would with duty free coming home.

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    Mestralle is talking about the fact that US citizens can now make limited purchases at the duty free of their departure airport. You can purchase tobacco products.

    You will need to have your boarding pass with you to prove that you are leaving the country (this holds true when you leave Jamaica, too).

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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