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    I wanted help to prepare something really, really special for my wife...something different..we are already renewing our vows..and doing the dinner on the beach and the in the room ..I want to do something to really WOW her. Can anyone help!!

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    Ask Randymom to call and read her a love letter you have written to her.I have done this and he really did a great job reading the letter to my husband.

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    dinner at the the caves simply off the hook
    u can probably hook up a private boat to take you from cn to the cave at sunset to add to the occasion

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    Don't I have to stay at the Caves in order to have dinner there??
    If not could you tell me what I need to do to speak to someone about this.


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    An anniversary band. Women love diamonds.

    In the alternative, get her a new wedding ring. My husband surprised me with a 2 carat ring to replace my 1 carat ring on our 15th wedding anniversary.
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    Prepare something special to say to her during your vows. My husband and I renewed our vows last year at CN and what he said and the tears in his eyes were more important than any ring or wine or dinner. Be there in the moment.


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