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    Default JABLUM and RUM.... oh my!

    Ok, coffee and rum commonsewers... strategy session over here!

    First, coffee... what price are you finding for the good stuff (beans) at the Times Square, the Hi-Lo, airport, etc. If you don't know what the "good stuff" is, don't waste my time. Last year, we had precious little time when we returned through MoBay... it was a zoo! Consequently, if the price isn't too bad, I'll be considering buying before we leave the resort.

    Also, has anyone found Appleton's Blue Label rum when out and about? Do they have it at the airport DF? What have you found for a price?


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    Are you referring to Appleton, genesis? The rum that makes bacardi seem like lighter fluid??? When I bought it last year I bought in the Taj Majal shops, I didn't see it in the airport though. I was able to get it for around $18-20 bucks for the liter.

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    Just an FYI: I purchased four pounds at CN. For some reason they have a sale price in the morning. Got it for 24 bucks a pound. I saw Wallenford going for $32 per pound at the airport. CN's coffee is roasted by Coffee Traders.

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    gdstravel - Genesis, I believe, is Appleton's on-island garden variety bottling of their clear white rum. Easily available at your local liquor store as Appleton White Rum, it is far better than Bacardi (imho). I think you'll be disappointed in the price you paid if you can find it locally.

    Sherm - $24/lb in the gift shop... but $32/lb at the airport? Wow... we paid about $20 last year on the way out...

    Anyone else??

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Taj Mahal - the store in the middle you can get Jablum (our favourite) for $15/pound if you buy a bunch at once. Also if you buy your rum at the same time (don't know if they have the one you are looking for or not), you can get a good deal on it as well.
    Taj Mahal is in Ochi (not sure where Times Square is).

    When we go to Ochi, we beeline for this store as they have given us the best prices (we bring back 15 pounds as we love it so much).

    As a matter of fact - I am drinking some Jablum as I am typing this message.
    Good luck

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    We found the best price on the authentic coffee at the Taj Mahal. By far the best prices! Our only mistake was in buying only 3 lbs. We'll do better in November when we come home.
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    @Chris - I actually bought the white label appleton locally not too long ago, and it is not genesis. I was excited when I bought it, but was disappointed when I drunk it. It's still way better than Bacardi though.

    @Sherm - My mom has been able to buy Jablum for as low as $16 bucks a pound at the cheapest and $18 bucks a pound at the most expensive in the shopping centers.

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    We got some JaBlum in November 2009 at Time's Square for $18.75/pound for 40 pounds. Remember to check the date on the coffee. Sometimes the cheaper JaBlum is out of date and they are just trying to move it.

    I don't buy any of my liquor in JA as I don't want to mess with bringing it home.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    Thanks all...

    Unless I miss my guess (or something's changed), Taj has a store at the Times Square Mall... but they only sell jewelry (much of it top shelf) and perfumes and such (also the top shelf stuff). There are a number of shops there that I KNOW carry coffee... and yes, I am a lot number watcher... the last of our coffee is still in the freezer (one more pound) and it has a lot expiration of Apr 29, 2010, so we're right on target!

    Damn, Colorado... THAT'S a lot of coffee!... hope you have lots of friends! We'll still probably bring back some rum cream, and perhaps a bottle of OverProof or two, if we can't find the Blue.

    Glad to see that the Jablum can be had for a more reasonable price...

    Five more sleeps and a 3:30am wakeup!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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