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    Default Coming to Jamaica

    My boyfriend and I are going to Couples Sans Souci and have a beachfront suite. Is it really as amazing as it sounds? Is it safe to go out in the evening on your own? What currency should we take with us, either US $ or Jamaican $?


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    US currency. Not sure where you want to go to at night on your own. there's nothing nearby, you would have to get a taxi to Ocho rios.

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    You can go out in the evening by yourself. Just use caution

    Bring US dlrs they are accepted everywhere. Just bring a lot of small bills 1's,5''s & 10's. Most people do not have change us US dlrs. You will need small bills for the required tips

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    "Is it safe to go out in the evening on your own? "

    Hire a local driver, he will know the right places to take you and will wait for you or come back at a pre-arranged time. Most drivers will also have a spare cell phone you can use in case you need to call him...

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    yes, it is amazing, no need for jam $$, credit cards and us cash is accepted everywhere.

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    US currency!!

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    Default Yes

    It really is a great place to vacation. The layout of the resort is what makes it so good, along with all the friendly staff, the delish food, the perfectlty concocted drinks...It is as safe to go to the bars in Ochi at night as it would be in on your closest metropolitan area. However, we never felt the need to leave the resort, the evening entertianment was great, the dinners lasted into the night, the beach bar was hoppin. Why pay for a bar off site when it's all included at the resort? Oh, and use American dollars.

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    Stick with American currency, it's what they want anyway. I wouldn't go out on my own, but that's me. I don't like being hassled and I certainly don't like to put myself in situations where I am potentially 'not safe.' The resort offers drinks and entertainment so I'm not sure why I would need to leave the resort. And if I wanted to see what was beyond the walls I would sign up for excursion that takes me off the resort, but is still with people or a guide.

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    Have a great time! We will be there, hopefully in a penthouse for starters!, 8/2

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    You will love it although I found that the balcony was a little small in the beachfronts.

    As far for going out at night on the resort no problem at all, where else were you thinking of?

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    Default Thanks

    thanks everyone.

    we will be there from the 4th - 15th December this year. Can not wait.

    Any other info or pics would be great.

    see you soon - from the UK.

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