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    Default Question about Love-a-way Plan

    I read a couple messages on here about being able to increase the monthly payment on the love-a-way plan, but when I called to set it up on my account I was told that I would have to call each month to apply the extra payment. Does anyone know if there is a way to set it up permanently? Thanks!

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    I don't think there is. We were also told to call monthly.

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    The love away plan is indeed set up at 100 you will have to call each and every month if you want to increase it!!

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    Oh well. Thanks for the replies. I will just plan on calling each month. I know thats not hard to do, it would just be a lot more convienent if Couples could automatically charge the same amount every month. Remembering to call every month is the challenge for me. Thanks again!

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    Some credit card companies are charging a foreign transaction fee on this arrangement.

    Bank of America is one credit card company that does.

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    Barclays Bank (LLBean Visa) Also charges.

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    I'm using a Chase Visa. I hope they don't but I will try to find out. How much of a fee are we talking?

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    Randy had mentioned on another thread that bank fees should not apply since all transactions are processed in US dollars. If your card charges a fee, I'd call them and kindly ask for the fee to be removed.
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    We used Citi/AA Visa for our Love Away plan, and they charged a $3 fee per transaction. Yeah, kind of a rip off I suppose, but we could have halted it at any time if it bugged us that much. It didn' we didn't. Besides, we got at least some of it back in the form of additional miles accrued. Saving those up for that next 1st class Euro flight baby!

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    It's 2% on most credit cards. I think Capital One is one of the few that aren't charging. It is a big chunk of change on the balance due. Last trip we booked through an online engine and were not charged a fee.

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    Most banks are charging a percentage based fee so it really does not matter if you pay all at once or over time same percentage will be applied

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    We have an AARP/Chase Visa and it currently does not charge a fee for foreign transactions done in US dollars. I use it all the time for our mecications that I purchase through Canada, and have not had a fee yet. Hopefully they won't charge one.

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    I use a Chase Visa for my Love-a-way Plan and they have not charged me any additional fees.

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