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    Default CN Repeaters Dinner?

    Hi everyone. We check in to CN on a Monday, which is the night of the Repeaters Dinner. Will we still be able to attend or is it too late since we'll be just getting there earlier that day?


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    Not a problem, just tell the front desk when you check in that you will be attending the dinner.
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    We arrived at CSS the evening of the repeater's dinner and bolted downstairs to arrive just in time for the second course. They said, "You must be the Van Dyke's. We've been waiting for you." They quickly caught us up, and we enjoyed the rest of the meal.

    If you arrive in time, then, yes, you can attend the repeater's dinner on the day you arrive.

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    You should still be able to attend the repeaters dinner, just be sure to do your Romance rewards check-in on line before you get there and remind them at the front desk when you check in.

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    Default Repeat Offenders Monday Dinner

    I think you can also RSVP for that dinner on the website. Login to Romance Rewards and click pre-check in. Although as previous answers have told you, I'm sure the front desk will make it happen. Enjoy! We are SOOO looking forward to our 3 repeaters dinner in just 35 days!!!!

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    We have been to CSS three times in the past 4 years, and have not attended a Repeaters' dinner. No one has ever questioned us about attendance. Is there anything special that we are missing? Is it basically the same menu that is always served?

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    If we're at CN for two consecutive Mondays do we get invite to both Repeater Dinners or just one?

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    Roclin, they have changed the policy and you only get invited to one. You can always ask to attend the other one if you really want to go.
    Bemar, next time you should go and see for yourself what you are missing. At CSS there are prizes given for answering questions about the Resort. There is always a special menu for the repeaters dinner and it is held in the conference room.

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