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    Default Can't find the picture!!!

    Please help me if you can!!! I was wondering around the message board one late night and came across a thread with wonderful pictures. I want to show them to my husband and can't find the thread again. The pictures were by a photographer from the states that was there on vacation. The last picture on her web site is from the plane looking down on Jamaica. Best picture I have ever seen. Hopefully you can help me. Thanks in advance.

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    Look at the top of the topics list for the thread called "A Chick who Clicks Pics..."

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    Check out the "chick who clicks" thread.... the photos are amazing.

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    The chick who clicks....a very talented Canadian girl who really caught the true essence of CN.

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    Awesome!!! Thanks so much, you guys are great. Can't wait until December when I find out what coming home is like.

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