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    Default missin tommywommy - need hugs?

    We were fortunate to meet & greet Tommy & Peggy on their return home to CN. Haven't seen any posts or hugging friends pictures since they were at CN. Hope that all is well considering the flooding in Tennessee.
    Sending big hugs out to them. Miss Tommy's posts.

    Mike & Jean

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    Tommy and Peggy had some minor water issues, but they are fine. he just doesn't post as much as he once did.


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    Wishing you the best Tommy.

    Everyone needs a hug

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    I'll say. No pics either. Boo-hoo for us! Razzl

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    Now you have to decide which end of the camera you want us on!

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    Hi Jean...How are you and Mike doing?
    I am sorry you two had to leave CN just as Peggy and I were getting there.
    Hope we four can meet again at a Couples resort.


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    What an awesome pic. I hadn't realized how much I missed the hugging posts till now. Thanks that really made my day...<smile>!

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