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    Default Will I stick out like a sore thumb?

    We are getting married at CSA May 20th at 11 am. My question is, Is a chiffon sundress to dressy to wear to Feathers that night? It's my wedding day, so I bought something "extra dressy" to wear that night. I know I will want to get out of that wedding dress ASAP, beings that it is going to be hot. I know people said sundresss or something similiar is perfect. But for the night of my wedding, I wanted to be a little more dressy than just a plain sundress. It's canary yellow, knee length, sleeveless and its chiffon. It is pretty dressy but yet, very sundressy. Will I be TO dressed up and be looked at weird like "Did she think she was going to a formal ball?" haha! Please help. I will try to attach a picture!
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    Elegant is NOT uncommon at Feathers. And what you've chosen is beautiful... perfect! In fact, unless you're used to A/C, I'd recommend a light wrap for around your shoulders.

    Congrats!... hope to see you there!

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    It's perfect!

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    First, let me say congratulations on your upcoming wedding! The sundress you've chosen looks fine, an ideal selection. You will look beautiful!

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    looks good to me glad you posted pick as I had no idea what a chiffon was

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    it looks perfect!!!! Congrats!!!
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    It will be fine, you could always "dress it down" some as far as accessories.

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    No Way!! THat is beautiful!! The only double looks you'll be getting are from the guys-- and not because you're too dressed up You will look beautiful. Walk in like you own the place!! And its your wedding day... so who cares what other think anyway! (no offense everyone else! )

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    The dress will be perfect but I agree that you might want to have a wrap or sweater handy as it can be quite cool in Feathers. Enjoy! Congratulations!

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    The dress looks beautiful, wear it. There are lots of post a to see if something is dressy enough not alot to see if something is to dressy. This will be the first Trip my DH and I are taking without kids so I can't wait to dress up and look nice for my Husband so I too might be alittle dressier then some but it's our vacation. Wear what you want! No one else should care.

    Best wishes on your up coming wedding.

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    That dress will be perfect for Feathers - but you might want to bring a wrap. I find the air conditioning a little cool after spending the day in the sunshine.
    Hope your wedding day is everything you dreamed it would be and more.

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    Looks great. And, if it is "too dressy" as you said, then I say, on that night, you will be setting the standard and everyone else willnot be dressy enough. Looks like a beautiful dress and if it was my wife's, I would certainly encourage her to wear it.
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    No, you will look fantastic!

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    You will look beautiful.

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    Not at all!

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    Wow! Thank you guys for all your great comments!!! Now, I cant wait to wear it!!!

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    Just lovely! And if you stick out, it will be because your face is beaming from your wedding day.


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