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    My husband and I leave on Wednesday for CSS. I've been checking the weather everyday and it's saying they are calling for storms and rain the entire week we are there.

    I noticed some people are just coming back from CSS. Was it raining a lot while you were there?? If so, what did you do while at the resort?

    This is our first stay with Couples and we are both very excited. I'm just starting to get worried about it raining the entire time we're at the resort.

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    You will find that Jamaica's coastal areas are lush tropical paradises, although they are manicured on the resorts. The point is that this can not happen with adequate rain (liquid sunshine) and plenty of sunshine.

    Jamaica gets both. From a forecasting standpoint, rain is predicted every day. But you have to understand what the predictions mean. A 20% chance of rain for a given area means that there is a likelihood that some rain will fall on 20% of that area at some point in the period of the forecast. It also means that 80% of the area is likely to have no rain.

    I like your odds. Our experience has been that IF there is rain, it is very brief in duration, and VERY refreshing! In 8 previous visits to the Negril area (stays ranging from 6 to 10 days), we have experienced one day where it rained for more than an hour; two days that it rained as we arrived (last May), and two days where it rained during much of our ride back to MoBay. We've been VERY fortunate, to be sure!

    Unless there is a tropical system moving in (two of the events listed above were on the outer skirts of named systems), you are not likely to have any problems. Relax.

    And enjoy your stay!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    The forecast ALWAYS calls for rain in Jamaica. And it does, almost every day or night, but not much. In April it rained a lot while we were sleeping, once before in Dec it did the same. This past April it sprinkled every day (at CSS), but it sure was welcome as it is HOT HOT HOT there and a few cool raindrops feel great in the heat. One day it rained for an hour at 9:00 a.m. and I lounged at the mineral pool under an umbrella and read a book. It was the best hour of the trip. Another day it rained more than a few drops prior to dinner so we mixed drinks and enjoyed them on our room balcony. Don't worry about the rain.

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    Thank you so much for your responses. The "no worry" attitude is starting to kick in. Laying under an umbrella and reading a book sounds fantastic

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