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    Default STL to MOBAY 6/14-21-anyone?

    Anyone else on this flight, U S Airways charter I think, afternoon flight.

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    STL to MBJ non stop? that would be great if it was available again.


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    We are on the US Air flight out of STL on the 15th, early morning departure (6 AM), returning the 22nd, so we missed you by a day.

    Randy, I don't think it is a non-stop, at least our flight isn't. We stop over in Charlotte, but we still arrive in MoBay prior to noon, so not too bad. Yes, the non-stops out of STL were nice. We would be at CSA shortly after noon on our previous trips. This time I estimate we will be at CSA by 3 PM, still not too bad.

    Tanline, where are you headed? Will we bump into you at CSA? Have a great trip!

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    I know the flight must be full (or maybe as my luck goes, cancelled) because in rechecking the same trip I booked, the non-stop is not there anymore, now 2 layovers on way down and one on way back.

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    I wish! We are doing stl to Miami.... Miami to
    mont. Bay...

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    Lambert....the airport you can no longer get anywhere from

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    I haven't been told otherwise so I'm assuming we're still non-stop. The last three times we've been to Jamaica it been Mon-Mon NS, but always afternoon flights. A few years ago the charters from STL to MBJ were in the early am slot, but that's been hogged up by charters to Cancun, yuk! I think it's time to flip-flop them again. We'll be at CSS this time, all previous trips were to CN.

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    We're going on the 4th of July through funjet and we have a nonstop flight leaving at 9 in the morning and arriving at 1240!

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    Sorry guys, it's USA3000 not U S Airways.

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    Well, as of this am the NS flight is back on Mon-Mon, and yes I've said many times of Lambert "You just can't get there from here".

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    We are taking the Funjet charter (Alegiant Air) in July as well.
    It's a nice option if you can go Sun-Sun.

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    We are booked for a Mon-Mon in March 2011 because my TA said that is when the charter non stop flights were. sure enough funjet changed it to fri-fri (USA 3000) I am not too happy.

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    The charter flights for the various TA's working in the STL area have been in a state of flux for at least a couple of years. USA3000 was completely out of Lambert for over a year. There were a couple of other charters that filled the gaps with only one or two flights a week to MoBay. USA3000 had three flights a week by themselves back in 2005 and you could arrange to spend anywhere from 4 to 14 days in Jamaica with the various flights in and out. Things are not so rosy now. One flight a week down and back, and the departure times were not very attractive when we checked for our trip this year. So we found a pretty good price and schedule with US Airways. One stop in Charlotte both ways, but we do get to MoBay before noon the first day. We are trying to plan a trip for next summer. Should be interesting to start the search for flights and prices in the next couple of months.

    Ya'll have a great trip. What ever way you get there.

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    Flying out of STl June 25. Non-Stop. Get to the beach grill ~9pm.

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