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    Default Grabbing a bite at MBJ on way to Couples desk from airlines

    Hi everyone. I just realized that when we arrive in Jamaica next week (!!!!), it will be right around lunchtime. By the time we arrive at CSA, it will be past lunchtime. I don't want to get "lunch" (a snack isn't enough for a lunch) at the mini-stop on the bus ride to the resort. So, I can't remember - are there any places to buy a quick bite (i.e. sandwich carts or a restaurant we could get something to go) on the way from the baggage claim to the Couples' resort desk at MBJ? Thanks!!

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    Margaritaville in the airport has food i believe

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    claire -

    I've never seen that question, and now that you mention it, I can't recall, either!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    As an international arrivee, you can't access M'ville (not really food to me, but edible I suppose), etc. until you've cleared immigration, grabbed checked bags (if you have them) and then cleared customs. And I don't believe you can get into those areas anyway unless you clear departure immigrations first.

    Once you've exited customs and entered the main arrival hall (where Couples lounge is over to the left), you could go out the exit to the right where there is a small stand. They sell Red Stripe, other drinks, patties and other small foods. Warning that if you go through that exit you may have some difficulty getting back in. That was the case in the past, so it may be better to ask the Couples Lounge about getting back in (people who smoke outside seem to go through that procedure).

    If you're really pushing it and want more options, you can turn right past the small stand outside the exit and head ~50 yards to the airline check in area (the area you'll go on the sad day to leave Jamaica). There are several fast-food restaurants in there. You'll still have the issue of getting back into the Couples Lounge area though.

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    There is a little food cart just outside the doors of the airport. I would first stop by the Couples desk and let them know you are there and going to grab a bite. Then go to the food cart. The Couples staff can also point you in the right direction for the food.
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    Good news: MBJ has food.

    Bad news: It's on the departure side, not the arrival side.

    Once you clear customs/immigration, it's a straight shot to the Couples lounge without much in between, other than the checkins for the other resorts. Not sure what's beyond that, but in looking at the online map for MBJ, I don't see anything available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sndtrevino View Post
    Margaritaville in the airport has food i believe
    I believe that is on the departing flights side.

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    Why don't you pack some snacks with your carry on? Surely some hearty snacks and several Red Stripes will tide you over until you can get to the resort....

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    Ask someone at the Couples lounge to take you out front for a meat patty or two. You'll need your Passport to go in and out, but there's a kiosk right outside the door.
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    I with with Chris, I don't know either. In 7 trips I cannot remember if they have any place to get food. I'm not sure if the Mini-Margaritaville thats right by the shuttle bus has any food. You also can't necessarily count on stopping on the way to the resort. Our driver last April didn't. He also never said a word throughout the trip and drove at least 15-20 MPH under the speed limit. It was torture!! It took us 2 hours to get to CSA.

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    Isn't Margaritaville on the departure level? I recall several shops where you could grab something to eat on the way to our flight home. We did buy sandwichs at one shop instead of buying the cold $6 one on the flight. Wow I can't recall where there's a place to grab something to eat on the way to the Couples lounge either. Then again our last trip was a year and a half ago and I'm chaulking up my bad memory to "oldtimers"

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    There used to be a meat pattie vendor outside the airport. My wife and I bought a couple of those and they put them in a bag for us to take on the bus. They were out of this world! (though hot) and I think the rest of the people on the bus were a bit jealous. Cheap, and delicious!

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    i have never thought of doing that. i do not know if there is a place to get a bite to eat in that area. i know you can get plenty of liquid refreshments if you want. perhaps the Margaritaville to go just as you exit to go to the bus on your right may have something.


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    I think Margarittaville is only on the way out side of the airport. I don't recall seeing anywhere that food is served in the airport on the way into the country.

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    The bus sometimes stops for a beer/potty break along the way where you can usually get jerk chicken. Or you just have to pack a snack to eat on your way to the resort.

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    The OP said,

    "I don't want to get "lunch" (a snack isn't enough for a lunch) at the mini-stop on the bus ride to the resort"

    I suggest a good meal before you depart the states, pack a high protein snack like nuts or something similar and eat to your heart's content when you get to the resort.

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    We always take the time to hit up that stand!The patty's are THE BEST!!!!!Especially the vegetable!!Never had any problems getting back in. It takes less than 5 minutes from start to finish.Plenty of time to get back to the Couples lounge ,where you can wash it down with some red stripes!No worries..and have a blast!We just came back from CTI 3 weeks ago and I'm still in my post Jamaica blues depression!!342 days until we can run by that stand while waiting for the bus...

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    The place that sells the Red Stripe just outside the door (you probably have passed it when going from the Couples Lounge to your resort transport) used to have Beef Patties and Chicken Patties sometimes. I have not checked in a while to see if they still have them but if you are starving and have a minute you could check there. My wife and I always wait to get something to eat when we get to our resort and just get a drink at the stop on the way. Since Manley BLVD has been improved the ride is usually only 75 min or so.
    Have fun!!
    Roy (CSA at the end of June)

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    Wow, thanks for all of the responses everyone! Well, I am boycotting anything related to M'ville due to the horrible experience I had the last time I visited one of their locations in Jamaica. So, I guess we either hit the cart outside the Couples lounge door (thanks for the tip...I did not know that was there) or we pack extra, extra snacks (or buy extra food when we buy breakfast in the morning) for the trip. Between when I think we'd eat breakfast before our departing flight & when we actually put our bags in our room at CSA, I'm guessing there would be about 6 hours between breakfast & lunch for us. That's kind of a long time to go between meals & I don't want us to start our trip in paradise cranky (due to hunger)!

    Thanks again!!

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    It has been our experience during three previous visits to the island, that there was barely time to go to the bathroom and drink maybe 2 Red Stripes (chugging...)at the Couples Lounge before our bus departed to the resort. We've stayed at CSS and seems like it's been a tight schedule every time, so you might want to count on getting something at your home or connecting airport, and then once you get to the resort.

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    it is a 90 minute drive from the airport why not just wait instead of delaying your arrival to the resort grab a few red stripe and sit back before you know lunch will be served on the beach

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