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    Default Question for Lovjamaica about traveler's insurance

    Hi- I read on another thread about the trip you took when your FIL had a heart attack. I am glad he is well! I had a question: we are supposed to leave tomorrow and my aunt, who is my babysitter for my 5 year old has suddenly become ill. I am taking her to the doctor today. I didn't know if you knew or not if this is a covered reason for rescheduling our trip? Thank you so much!!

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    Depends on the type of insurance you got. You should read the policy and find out. If it was cancel for any reason then you are covered.
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    Wow! I am probably responding too late as today is "tomorrow".

    It does depend on the type of insurance. I bought mine through USAirways - it was called cancel for any reason and it covered airfare fully refunded until day of departure. Hotel was a prorated amount within 2 weeks. We really considered re-scheduling but my MIL insisted we go.

    For your sake I hope you found someone to watch your 5 year old. If you did go please enjoy yourself - I guarantee you your 5 year old won't know the difference with who is watching them.

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