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    Default A few questions from a first-timer @ CSA

    Do you need swim-shoes for the beach? Haven't seen any mention of rocks in the water so just wanted to know if I should pack them. Plan on going snorkeling, is the snorkeling good? Last year on our trip to Ocho Rios we went on a snorkle cruise and we didn't see much, was a little disappointed. We are counting down the days, only 28 to go.

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    You do not need swim shoes for the beach at CSA. The sand is fine white sand all the way out to the ropes. You can see your feet in the water. It is the best beach I have ever been to. As far as the snorkeling goes, it's not the best, but they do take you to different locations. If you go on the morning snorkel there is more activity then. They also offer a night snorkel for fee and I have read that you see lots on that trip. The sea is beautiful and my husband and I loved the snorkel trips we went on. We thought it was very relaxing and romantic. You are going to have a blast. CSA rocks!

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    The beach at SweptAway, and indeed along all of the major portions of 7-Mile Beach, is sugary white and soft! But...

    It IS hot! There are also shells an coral pieces that show up now and again... if you're out for a walkabout down the beach, there is no telling when you might come across broken glass and such, although its not happened to us.

    We brought "aqua socks" with us once (our first visit to Negril), never used them again. Now we just bring flip-flops. If you plan on going to Mayfield Falls for a daytrip, they ARE recommended!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    No water shoes needed for CSA, unless you just want to use them to walk around. The beach is fine, white sand, and the ocean bottom is sandy also.

    We are avid snorkelers, and usually snorkel once a day when we are at CSA. The snorkeling is just fine, you will see lots of different fish and the occasional sting-ray. The coral is OK. It is certainly not Grand Cayman or Belize, but it's pretty darn good.

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    We just came back from CSA 3 weeks ago. No need for swim shoes. No rocks in the water along the beach. Negril is a different beach than Ocho Rios so expect clear, blue water and soft, white sand. We snorkled twice while at CSA and loved both trips. They have, I believe, 4 sites they can take you snorkeling. We went to Cuba and Bermuda. Bermuda was better. Enjoy your stay...we can't wait to go back.

    Bart & Bug

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    no shoes needed for the beach mon!

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    You definitly do NOT need water shoes for CSA, the sand is as soft as flour and no rocks in sight. The snorkling is not too bad. There are 5 reefs that you can snorkle to , we did the Mexico reef and we saw plenty of fish and nice plants.

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    There are a few rocks but you can see them. There are a bunch of big rocks between the beach and the scuba boat but nobody swims there. I didn't see anyone with shows on. Unless you plan on going to one of the waterfalls I would just leave them at home.

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    CSA has the softest sand and very few rocks. You will not need swim shoes on the resort, but do pack them if you plan on doing any nearby waterfall excursions. Snorkeling may be similar to your Ochi outing, but it does vary each trip out. Ask the watersports crew when to book for the most action.

    Have fun!! CSA is heaven on earth!

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    The only need for water shoes on the Negril side of the island is if you wanted to go to YS or Mayfield Falls. I've only been to Dunn's River Falls in Ocho Rios and not YS or Mayfield. We were glad we had them there, so I'm assuming that it wouldn't be a bad idea for YS or Mayfield either.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    I only used water shoes on the cat cruise & I was glad I wore them. It made it easy to walk on the boat & then just jump in the water with them on (no flip-flops to keep track of).

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