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    Default Onlline booking or Travel Agent?

    We are about to book our first trip to a Couples Resort at CSA, and were wondering if there was any advantage to booking through a Travel Agent. We like payment plan Couples offers with $100 deposit, and pay $100 per month until 45 days before departure when the balance would be due. This was attractive to us since we are not planning our trip until April 2011. From what I have found out so far, the prices are the same through the Travel Agent, we still will recieve the $500 room credit, but we would not get to exercise the Couples payment plan. So, I wonder what if any, would be the advantage of booking through a Travel Agent?

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    There are only advantages to booking with a TA if you have a good relationship with him/her, and they look out for your interests after the sale, during your wait, during your stay, and during your return. If a TA doesn't seem to care after you've paid your deposit (there are ways of knowing), then you've made the wrong selection.

    There are many, many hardworking and caring travel agents... and we're happy and lucky to have one!

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    We actually saved a few hundred dollars booking through an agent as opposed to booking direct with the resort. We pay a deposit down, then pay the rest about 45 days before departure. We just save up in the interim.

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