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    Default Dolphin Cove / Horseback - Ocho Rios

    Hey All,

    We are 48 hours away from heading to CSS and getting more excited by the minute!! She has no idea that I have booked a private candle lit dinner in the wedding gazebo and I can barely contain my excitement!!

    Just a quick question my girl has never swam with the dolphins before and I noticed that was available at dolphin cove. I was just wondering for those that have gone, what is your impression? I have heard that you can negotiate better prices as well - is this true?

    One last question - is the horseback tour really worth it? I have been to other islands and it was on horses that were not healthy and shouldn't be ridden. I hope they are better in Ocho!

    Thanks for your help and we are very excited to be a part of the couples family
    Sean and Alice

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    Sean & Alice,

    You're going to love the candel lit dinner in the wedding gazebo!!! We did it last year for our anniversary and it was truly memorable. You'll have a personal waiter with a menu that's not found at any of the restaurnts on CSS and romantic music playing in the background. Don't miss the opportunity to have a candle lit dance to really make dinner special!! Also, bring a camera so you can take lots of picture to remember it by.

    We've never gone to Dolphin Cove and swam with the dolphins but have paid to do the horseback riding excursion. We chose to do the horseback riding through an outfit called "Hooves". Chukka requires you to wear helmets while riding. The horses are healthy, they don't make you wear a helmet (though you do have to sign a waiver) and it is very good!! An educational ride through a plantation with a very professionally managed ride, not swim, in the ocean. If you've never done's a blast!!

    As for negotiating better prices...that is expected in Jamaica. Cash talks and those buying with credit card pay the asking price. If you're paying cash you can get a better deal on most things...just be reasonable.

    You're welcome and welcome to the Couples family.

    Bart & Bug

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    We did the Dolphin Cove swim, and it was GREAT! I actually wasn't as excited about it beforehand as my husband, but I've just raved about it afterwards. As far as the price goes, they were running an upgrade special already when we went, so we didn't inquire if it was further negotiable. I don't remember the exact cost, but I do remember thinking it was very reasonable (much more reasonable than in the States). We did the full swim, which was about 1/2 hour in the water with a group of about 6 people and two dolphins, with interaction, as well as a fin pull and a nose-push. Definitely worth it if you feel like dragging yourself away from the resort.

    I haven't ridden horses in Jamaica for MANY years, but all reports (like above) are that the horses are well cared for. Jamaica has a somewhat surprising equestrian history, and you have different tour options available. Also on that note, Dolphin Cove was very professional and seemed very humane, clean, etc.

    Have a fantastic time at CSS, and please give us a report when you get back.

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