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    My wife and I will be visiting CSS in June. She is a 'plus size' and is worried about what to wear, especially in the evenings and at dinner. Can anyone lend advice? Sun dress, shorts, capris, long dress etc? Obviously I love her in whatever she wears (although less is better!) but can some ladies out there lend a somewhat more impartial perspective?

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    Dave, we just returned from CSA and I'm a plus size beauty also!! I wore swimsuits and cover ups ALL day and long tube dresses at night (!!! I wore a dresser sundress for the restaurant where reservations were required. Enjoy your trip!

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    I would say she would be appropriately dressed in any outfit she would wear to a nice restaurant at home, even perhaps something a little more revealing, since you're on a romantic vacation. If you go to my profile and look at my photo album, there arephotos of several couples at dinner time at CTI. You will see a variety of different styles in one particular photo, and that's what you see at the resort. Really, it's all dependent on her personal style and comfort level.

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    I am plus size, and we were at CSS last January (we did CSA this year). I wore casual dresses to Palazzina at night, more of a cocktail dress to Casanova and for the Starlight Gala. For me, dresses are very comfortable, and I have a lot of them because I wear them for work. They are also easier to pack in my opinion, since I don't have to worry about mixing and matching. I wore shorts to the beach grill at night, and for the beach party. Capris would also work for Palazzina at night. The main thing is not to wear spikey heels for the Starlight Gala. It is held on the main lawn, and the heels will sink into the grass.

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    It sounds to me the concern will be how she is perceived in whatever she wears. All shapes and sizes travel to couples so no wories mon wear what she feels is comfortable and sexy to her, that is all that matters!!!

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