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    After being close to the mulitple tornados yesterday and possibly more severe weather today and rest of the week, we are ready to get to CTI, less than 2 weeks away!!!!!!

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    I hear ya!! We are 2 miles from the tornado that hit Love's on I40 and Choctaw. That weather gave me the weebie jeebies from the get go!! CSA in 38 days!!

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    i couldn't believe what i saw on the news at the 140 choctaw exit... i moved from OKC a couple years ago, and that was the exit i took to get out to where my horse was boarded... i was so thankful my old barn and barn family were ok! scary stuff, but we okies can handle it much better than the rest of the country!

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    We had another round of it this morning in the Tulsa area, with straight-line winds in excess of 80 mph. Not a lot of damage at our place, thankfully, but a lot of people without power. I'm ready to get to CTI!!

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    WOW, are you guys ok? Any damage?
    We are 4 miles from that one and then another hit at Reno/Harrah Rd, we were 2.5 miles from that one!!! Just thinking GOD and praying for all those that weren't so lucky!!

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    one of them skipped over us and hit our neighbors work shop and put the metal roof around a tree. we was about 2.5 miles from where the most damaged was done in Tecumseh.Can't wait for the next 45 days to get here.

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    We are good! So thankful. We were in the May 3rd tornado so thankfully we take complete precautions when it comes to creepy weather. My heart goes out to all the families. What a difficult time!! CSA 37 days!!

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    Bless everyone there. i watched the storms the other night and was in awe. we have a doughter, son in law and two grandchildren that live in Lawton and we were concerned very much. it is a miracle that things werent worse.


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    We just got home from CSA on May 12th and came home to Moore, OK with damage to our roof and house and damage to our car.

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    My dad is a Ok. native, lived in Mn for 35 years and retired back in Guthrie Ok. 12 years ago. He had a concrete bunker built on his land so I don't worry as much as I used to.You guys are all in my prayers down in tornado alley!

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    We live in Moore, our house was hit, everyone is OK, but we have quite a bit of damage. We are going to be at CN in Sept for our honeymoon and it can't come soon enough. After dealing with continual storms, rain, hail, insurance adjusters, and the onslaught of drive by contractors, we definitely need a vacation! Our hearts go out to all the families affected by the storms.

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    Same here...thoughts are with those that were affected by the storm(s)! We are from Tulsa. Bracing for another round tonight! Leaving for CN in 31 days!

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    We leave in 6 days and here we go again...more tornadoes today!!!

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    I grew up in Bartlesville and still have lots of family and friends in Ok. I just wish the news here would be more specific about where storms hit as all they say here is tornadoes in Oklahoma. Very frustrating on my part.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    The tornadoes, especially on Wednesday night were pretty much all over the state. Haven't seen a spring like this in I don't know how long! Hopefully the worst is over!

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    we live in the Tulsa area too!!!! We are west of Sand Springs.. thankfully we missed it but we were under cover the whole time.. I am so ready to get away too!! July 3rd! Come on!!

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    We're a July 3rd arrival also. See ya there! 39 days!!!

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