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    Default Beach question about CTI

    We have been going to the Negril properties more times than I can count and I LOVE them. In Aug we are planning our next trip home, and call us crazy, but we have this urge to try CTI. I was looking at the pictures of the beach and I am a little concerned that there will not be enough shady spots during the day. Can anyone out there tell me if this is a problem?

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    Plenty shade provided by the palms overhead. Keep in mind you will be on the north shore, therefore as the sun passes, the buildings provide some shade. Also shade at the swim up pool and bar provided by palms and at the main pool provided by the new building.

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    It should not be a problem. The beach is never crowded as people spread between the pools, island and beach. there are palm trees to sit under. CTI is great, enjoy.

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    If your only concern regarding CTI's beach is shade, then you'll have no concern at all. There's plenty of it and you won't have to get up before dawn to stake out your turf either.

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    There's just not a lot of beach period!

    We go back and forth between Swept Away and the Ocho Rios resorts every year, but when in Ochi, we do more touring and activities, spending much less time on the beach. Unlike Negril, you may find that you're not just sitting on the beach for long periods of time ( and don't need much shade )

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    Most folks pull loungers into the sun, so the shade is usually up for grabs.

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