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Thread: CN or CSS?

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    Default CN or CSS?

    I am 27 and she is 24 and we are planning a Couples vacation for our Honeymoon on August 22-28, but unsure of which resort. We both like to drink, enjoy sunning on the beach, love boat rides, and music. Any thoughts?


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    Sounds like CN is the place for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by backsoon View Post
    Sounds like CN is the place for you.
    Based on the limited information as to your interests and such, I'd agree with backsoon. CN's beach is a lot bigger, there's much less seaweed in the water or on the beach bottom, plus you can walk the entire two mile stretch of Bloody Bay, altho on the flip side, the beach at CSS is totally private (including the AN beach as well). CN offers the cat cruise and CSS doesn't.

    Still, I suggest you continue to determine what features, activities, layouts, etc matter most to you, then continue to read up on these two resorts, including the reviews from those who have stayed at them. Eventually one of them will pretty much pick itself. Good luck and enjoy!!

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    I am 25 and my husband is 24. We are interested in all the same things you listed. We honeymooned to CN September of 09 and could not have been more pleased with the choice of our location. CN sits in Bloody Bay. Some of the calmest waters you will ever see. The water is crystal clear and has very little seaweed. The beach is a good size but small enough that the walk between different events is not long at all. There is an AN beach there for your use. The water activities at CN are snorkeling, scuba, hoby cat, kyaking, surfing, glass bottom boat, cat cruise (SO MUCH FUN. They take you to a point on the island, you get off the boat and swim in the caves). The pool at CN is directly on the beach. Walk off the pool deck right into the sand. All the restaurants surround the pool accept one. We stayed in building 6, which is right at the pool, casava terrace and beach. We will be returning at the end of September for our one year anniversary.

    I hope this infor has helped you.

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    We are planning a trip within the next couple months to Jamaica. We have stayed at CSS 3 previous visits, and loved most everything about it. I have the itch to possibly go to CN this time, as the CSS beach is not as clear/clean as I like. We would definitely miss the room service of CSS, though. We usually spend quite a bit of time in our own suite, so other than the beach, pools & dining choices, we could enjoy either resort. The hammock on the balcony at CN is inviting, for sure. So where I need help is on the CN dining choices ~ although my husband loves gourmet food, I am a meat/potatos midwesterner. Will either of us be lost at CN? Another thing I'm curious about: the au nat beach at CN... is it half as private at CN as at CSS, or is it looked on as an oddity? Would someone who has been to both resorts please, please, compare & contrast the two? I do like the idea of the flat area of CN ~ we don't mind CSS terrain (it's absolutely a gorgeous setting), but it might be fun to just walk out to a bar without getting winded... We just hit 50, but we don't feel like "old folks"... Please go on & on & on with details, as I love reading about all the resorts!

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    We've also been to CSS(1) & CN(3). We love them both, but maybe CN just a little more. The AN beach at CSS definitely has the better set up with the pool/bar/grill. But CN has Bloody Bay, and to us there's nothing better than walking out to that warm, clear water with your "yacht" & drink and just lazing the day away. CN also has a much nicer hottub. (inground, 12 person) A nice way to meet other couples and a great way to end the night with your hubby! "Our" spot on the beach is near the Seagrapes trees by the bar and we feel it is private enough. You get used to walking out to the water nekkid after a few times. If not, just hold your "yacht" around yourself to afford you a little extra "protection" from non-ANers.

    The grounds at CSS cannot be beat! BEAUTIFUL BEYOND COMPARE! You can walk to your heart's content. We found at CN, although compact in resort size, you can walk Bloody Bay for a couple miles to the right (as you face the beach). Although not as beautiful, it's still a nice (and interesting) walk down to the R and back. The cat cruise is also a fun excursion that CSS doesn't have.

    If you like walking the beaches, do the Trading Places over to CSA. Earlier this year we walked Long Bay and had such a great time! Not much to the right of CSA, except Cosmos. But to the left you can walk (seemingly) forever. There's so much to see, places to stop and have a drink and talk with the bartenders and other patrons (some visitors, some locals), vendors, etc. We got as far as Bourbon Beach (had more drinks there than we anticipated!) and ended up taking a cab back. A couple we met at CN last Sept told us about their experience walking Long Bay and it sounded fun. We're so glad we took a few hours to do this. We'll definitey do it again!

    We found the food at CN to be on par with CSS. I would give CSS the edge here only because of Room Service and the Friday Night Gala. But the quality at both is good. My hub is a meat/potato (burger/fries!) guy, but he actually has tried a few new things there and ENJOYED! He now will order Rack of Lamb/Lamb Chops, different cuts of beef, jerk, etc.

    We found CSS to be more romantic...sometimes you feel like you're the only couple there. CN is romantic, too, but not on par with CSS (our opinion!) We've been feeling the "call" back to CSS after 3 times to CN! We're finding it hard to choose...and then we also want to return to CTI to see the new updates! What to do...what to do!!

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