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    Default Great House Veranda Suite - CSA

    We will be at CSA the end of July. We are staying in a great house veranda suite and I was wanting to know what the noise situation is for this area. Is the club noise a problem? Also, is the road noise a problem? Thanks in advance.

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    Stayed in the GHVS from April 3rd thru the 9th. Noise was never a problem. Not at all. I never heard anythign from the club and never heard a sound from the road. I have read a couple of reviews that mentioned that certain rooms do have some road noise but nothing to be overly concerned about. I love the location of the GHVS. Once you get there, ask if room 5205 is available. The view was fantastic. You're gonna love it. Here is my review

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    No problems with club noise...we were on the same side as the nightclub and on the same floor and never heard anything in the room.
    No problem with road noise either.

    We did have a problem with kitchen noise (dishes being stacked and carts being moved, etc.) while on the patio. Especially in the morning as they were setting up breakfast for Patois. I enjoy getting up early to read and I couldn't do that on the patio but just a quick walk to the beach and a hammock and all was good.

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    Love the GHVS rooms, we are staying in them for our 4th trip.

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