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    Default Montego Bay Airport Question

    Hey All,

    My first trip to Couples was 3 years ago and we flew Air Jamaica. The flight to MBJ was fine but trying to leave Jamaica was just utter chaos at the airport. There were atleast 2000 people all trying to get checked in at one counter, no one from AJ knew where the lines began or ended. It was just a disaster...

    We are flying Delta this year (5 days!) and are wondering if anyone has had any such problems recently.


    **The experience was so awful, it is a true testament to how great Couples is. As our memories of the entire trip are SO amazing, even-though the last thing we did sucked!**

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    I have flown Delta twice in and out of Jamaica and always walked right to the front of the line on our departure with Delta.
    CSA Junkie! Next trip -- November 28th!

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    We flew AJ in 2003 for our honeymoon and experienced the same problem you are speaking of (in fact, we were bumped from our flight despite arriving at the airport nearly 3 hours early). Since that trip, we have opted to fly American Air or Delta and have not experienced that same level of chaos. One thing I would DEFINITELY recommend to you is that you pre-check-in 24 hours before your scheduled departure flight and go ahead and print your boarding passes. We have had time to spare each of the other times we have gone!

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    It is my hope that the improvements to the airport itself over the last 5 years has made the exit flight and the required inspections and check in easier to endure. Arrival has always been easier than leaving. Although as I recall from a couple years ago the updating of the departure side of the airport was nearly complete and things were a bit more organized, if not much faster. It really depends on the time of day and how many flights are stacked up to load and take off. If it is a quiet time things go pretty smooth. Busier times are, well let's just say it can be unpleasant.
    We had an arrival a couple of years ago that did not go so smooth either. We arrived with two or three other plane loads of folks within about 20 minutes, and it was a zoo at customs and immigration.

    It is always an adventure, that's for sure. But hey, it's Jamaica!

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    The airport at Montego Bay has changed a lot during the last three years. The check - in lines can still quite be long, depending on the time and day that you're leaving but probably not as bad as you remember. There are a lot more shops and restaurants near the boarding gates too. It's much more organized now. I doubt you will have much trouble.

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    Hello churchie04!!!
    We were at Couples Sans Souci May 25-30 for the first time and had an absolutely wonderful time. We were there for our son's wedding and it was beautiful!!! We flew into Montego Bay on Northwest from Memphis and then returned on Delta and the experience at the Montego Bay airport was good -- there was no problem with check-in -- there was a line but it moved quickly and the agent even took time to see to it that our seats were next to each other. It was smooth in every way. We are SOOOO ready to go back!!! It's an every day topic of conversation!!! Anyway, we hope you have a wonderful time -- enjoy & relax!!! Say HI to Dave at the Beach Bar for us!!! Charlie & Donna

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    We just recently vacationed at Swept Away from May 16th to May 23rd. It was a fantastic week, however, we also had major problems leaving Montego Bay airport. We were on Northwest, which is now owned by Delta. The bus from the resort was at least a half hour late. Once we got to the airport, there was just a sea of people. Half of the electronic machines were not working for Northwest/Delta. After getting through that line, you wait in two more lines for customs. We just barely made our flight. Granted, it was a Saturday, but the place was crazy. Unfortunately, none of the airport workers seemed to care. My husband said that he would have second thoughts about another trip to Jamaica because of this experience! Sorry for such a candid response, because it truly was a wonderful vacation.

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    Have never flown AJ or Delta but we are flying Delta this year as they've bought out Northwest which is the easiest route from our area. Interested to see other responses to this question but I'll tell your our past experiences on Northwest. We haven't really had any trouble though the lines seem to move slower than in the US, as with everything in Jamaica you are still on Jamaica time. To be honest we found this really nerve wracking to the point of being willing to give up a little of our vacation at the end and we always arrange for our shuttle to take us to the airport about 30-60 minutes ahead of the time they schedule it so we are there ahead of the big crowd. Yes, it cuts in to the last of our vacation but for us if we spent time being tense and wondering if we'd miss our flight it was worth it to give up an hour at the resort to keep that relaxed attitude. We just mill around the shops in the airport, read, have lunch, whatever and try to stay in the vacation spirit while we wait and be grateful that we've missed the long line.

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    You will find that MBJ has changed alot over the past few years. Immigration is faster, luggage is faster, check in is faster (as compared to past years). You will also notice no more walking on the hot tarmack or the rusty tin roofs. The airport has undergone a makeover.

    The major issues of past years doesn't seem to be happening now.

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    try to fly during the week. Weekends can still be awful, just depends upon your airline, the time of day, and the day of week,weather. They have more flights on the w/e.

    The airport improvements have really helped incoming traffic, not so much on outbound

    AJ seems to have many problems

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    Delta was great July 3, 2009. Check in online before you leave. Saves a lot of time. No need to due it on the the return, they just reissue everything. You will need $5.00 (per couple) when leaving for a new tax.


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    I really think it just depends on when you are leaving. The airport can always be a zoo. Weekends and toward later afternoon are the worse. Weekdays and early in the morning are less busy.

    We fly out on Thursday around 4pm so it might be a small zoo, but still won't be as bad as the weekend.

    Just be prepared depending on when you are flying out.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    The one thing that I did not notice if anyone told you is that the Couples Lounge is now bigger as well. So even if getting through immigrations and customs is zoo you will have a wonderful lounge to step into, have a cold drink, use the restroom and start your vacation.

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    Please be careful at Delta...Just left on July 7th and someone went through our luggage and stole our camera, jewerly, and gifts
    Would never fly Delta again. We called to complain about the theft and they said they don't cover it. Not a way to end a Wonderful Vacation.

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    We were on the same NWA flight with PartyofTwelve on May 23. The airport was absolute chaos! I write this off to the "improvements" in security due to the kerfuffle of late April when the disturbed young man ran through security with a loaded weapon, forced his way onto an AirCanada jet, and insisted that the plane take him to Cuba.

    Save yourself some time... let a porter take your bags to your kiosk... he'll know where to take you if you tell him which airline you're on... That would have saved us about 10 minutes. As it was, I BARELY had enough time to buy my coffee and rum!

    As Pof12 notes, the bus (well, buses... there were two) were indeed 1/2 hour late getting out of SweptAway that day. That was not one of the cleaner departures, due to the number of people leaving. But to be fair, that week, SweptAway was FULL due to the flu scare. An earlier departure may have been in order, but once at MoBay, NWA did a pretty good job of making sure that the Minneapolis passengers were ushered through the process as quickly as possible.

    My advice, be very aware of the process on departure to avoid or minimize delays.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Not the airport per se but something some of you may wish to know... Although Couples should be dealing with it appropriately.

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    One good word of advice is fly in and out as early as you can. Later on in the day problems arise. This last trip we flew Friday-Friday leaving 6 A.M. from home and leaving 10:30 A.M.from Jamaica and everything went quickly and smoothly.

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