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    Default milkshakes at CSA

    Just wondering if CSA has milkshakes at any of their restuarants for dessert? Also I heard that the sports complex has a smoothie bar that offers protien shakes? Thanks!

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    You can get good smoothies at SeaGrapes, but the bar at the sports complex has the best! Not sure on the protein shakes, though.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Whenever I want a milkshake I get either a Hummingbird, Dirty Bananna or a Jamaican Brownie.

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    We had a smoothie at Patios with breakfast one morning and as usual it was excellent.

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    They can add protein to the smoothies in the form of nuts. They don't have protein powder, but nuts are full of protein. And delicious.

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    At CTI we had friends who brought their own protein powder and the staff would add it to the smoothie. Also for the milk shake, at STI there is a soft serve ice cream machine, you could probably get some of that in a cup and have one of the bartenders mix it with milk for your milkshake with some fruit or chocolate. Pretty much whatever you want if there is a way to do it, it will be done.

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    The dirty bananas are AWESOME!!!! I have one at breakfast, lunch, and dinner! lol

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    Too funny yookster. I did the same thing with hummingbirds once I tasted one offered as the drink of the day. The best way for me to describe them to someone was that they tasted like a chocolate milkshake with a touch of banana flavor...MMMMM. Darn now I'm thirsty.

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