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    Default Need help from those who have stayed at CN and CSA!!

    My fiance and I have decided on Negril and Couples resorts for our wedding and honeymoon. I cannot decide on Couples Swept Away or Couples Negril, CN is a bit cheaper but I always have wanted to stay on the 7 mile beach. Is there nightlife near both resorts? Which beach is better? I just want to make the right decision for this big event! We are both in our mid twenties and enjoy nightlife but at the same time just want to relax with each other...a combo of both would be great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelsah13 View Post
    . . . . I cannot decide on Couples Swept Away or Couples Negril, CN is a bit cheaper but I always have wanted to stay on the 7 mile beach . . . . Which beach is better?
    Both CSA and CN are located on Seven Mile Beach.

    Seven Mile Beach is comprised of Long Bay, which is approximately five miles in length, and Bloody Bay, which is approximately two miles in length. CSA is located on Long Bay, and it shares the bay with numerous restaurants, bars, shops, and other resorts. CN is located on Bloody Bay, and it shares its bay with three other resorts.

    Neither is "better." Some people prefer the beach at CSA, while others prefer the beach at CN. It's a matter of personal preference. Both resorts, however, have fantastic beaches. Neither will disappoint.
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    So first, both CSA and CN are on 7 mile beach. The way it breaks down is that CSA is on Long Bay, which is about 5 miles or so long and CN is on Bloody Bay which is about 2 miles, hence the 7 mile beach. Sorry, just had to get that out of the way.

    As for which one, well in my opinion I think that CN is the best, but you will hear folks here that will say CSA. So the question becomes which one calls to you the most?

    CSA is closer to town by a couple of minutes, so if you are going to go off property at night then that might be your choice, however, CN has a shuttle that goes to Margaritaville as well. Both resorts have nightlife on the property, just different. Both have great food, great service, great beachs. I think that CN's pool is a little bigger and the resort is not as spreadout as CSA. Of course I am bias, we love CN and I am counting the days (78) until we are back there for trip number 6.

    But at the end of the day, you have to go with the one that pulls at your heartstrings. Just listen to your heart and you will know which one is best for you.

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    Our experience is limited to SweptAway, and I'd have to say we're quite biased, so take that with a grain of sand... and you'll find plenty of that at SweptAway. There are those who will say that the beach at Bloody Bay, on which you'll find CN, is an extension of the World Famous 7-Mile Beach; and technically, they are correct. But it IS a matter of access.

    There is a point of land that causes a rather large break in the beach, making unlimited access to 7-Mile a bit difficult... but not impossible. However, there is not much to see in that 3-4km stretch of beach... no bars or restaurants to the south of CN other than Cosmos, which is on the north end of the "B" resort next to SweptAway.

    From SweptAway, nearly the whole remaining stretch (6+ km) of 7-Mile is open to you, with all its shops, bars, vendors, resorts, restaurants... from the public beach access to the north, to the roundabout to the south.

    Like I said, its all about access... and that is NOT a knock on CN's beach, which many will say (correctly) is deep and gorgeous.

    As for on-campus night life, I'm told that SweptAway holds the advantage. The Palms has nightly entertainment with their house band, Exodus, backing up some of the island's finest entertainers. At the Aura Lounge, Ultimate Chocolate holds court 5 nights a week with his Blazing Piano... a true gentleman and a great entertainer. At 11:00 pm, he hands off to Mr. DJ in the disco, where you can shake your bootie til "daylight come".

    Hope that helps!

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    By the way, a means of illustrating my previous post would be to download, save and print the maps of the Negril area which are available online, and put together by the folks at Travel Advisor and the Negril business community.

    For the most up-to-date version (revised summer 2009?), go to . Don't leave home without it!

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    I highly recommend the split!

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    I know I'll probably upset the many CSA die hards but here is our humble opinion.
    We were at CSA for the first time 4/1 to 4/9 of this year. We have been to CSS & CN multiple times and thought we would check out CSA due to all of the great reviews on this board and Tripadvisor. I even booked our 2011 trip to CSA before we went since I was so convinced we would love it at CSA. We've since changed our reservation to CN for 2011. We did like CSA but we felt that something was missing. The food, service, staff etc was all excellent and not a surprise for us since we are used to being spoiled by Couples. After talking about it for a week or so after we returned, we felt it was the size of the resort and layout that didn't appeal to us. Our room was a Garden Veranda Suite and sitting on the balcony was kinda like being in an apartment complex. It was also noisy and I'm not a light sleeper. Our last 2 trips were to CSS and we stayed in a Penthouse each time. I think this spoiled us. I'm certainly not an architect but I think I would have designed the new section of CSA differently too. I would have put the new pool, Great House etc in the middle and not at the other end of the property. There is really only one direct route to and from the various restaurants & pools and I think this adds to the foot traffic on the one and only sidewalk along the beach. We just think CSS @ CN feel more intimate with about half the rooms that CSA has. You tend to see the same bartenders at the bars at CN & CSS too. We never saw the sames ones twice at CSA. That's just our opinion for what it's worth. Now, bring on all the heat from the CSA loyalists that will now rip me apart!

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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks for the advice, you have no idea how helpful! That map is exactly what I needed to see

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    rjammin -

    Perish the thought! Your post illustrates perfectly the kind of appeal that the Couples brand has developed with four outstanding facilities that should cater to an incredible breadth of tastes, personalities, and preferences. Each of the four resorts is unique in its own way, but the constants remain in service, quality and value.

    Vive le difference!

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    Default Just did a CN/CSA Split...

    We recently returned from a two week split at CN and CSA and totally understand your dilema (hence why we did a split!). I just recently posted a thread which outlines the key differences (in my opinion) of these resorts. It is entitled "For the newbies...differences between CN and CSA". Hopefully you will find it helpful!


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    In terms of beaches, it depends on what you want to do. CSA allows longer walks on the beach. CN is more tranquil but you can't walk as far. CN is a bit deeper and it is quite large for the number of people at the resort. Both are silky smooth.

    CN is a more "compact" property -- less spread out. CSA has the great sports complex.

    We originally chose CN b/c there were fewer room choices. That can be a good or bad thing, depending on your perspective.

    While there are clear devotees (we're CN fans), in my view you can't go wrong w/either.

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    My advice tends to narrow down to three key words:


    Do enough of this and your resort will select you.

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    My comments will probably cause more confusion for you because I have a different opinion than the other guest who have posted here. Our first Couples experience was at CN. We really liked it. Only thing we weren't too crazy about was the view from the beachfront suites. They don't face the ocean. They look down the beach and the ocean is 90 degrees to your right of left depending which direction your balcony faces. Also, everything seemed to be focused toward the centre of the resort and the pool. Nice but I'm a beach person.

    The next year we went to CSA and knew we's found our home. The beachfront suites are right on the beach and faced the ocean. We had the best sunsets from our 2nd floor suite. The beach went on for miles and we could spend hours walking it and stopping along the way for a Red Stipe and to talk to the locals. We loved that that the resort was spread out and had different things going on in different parts of property. It never felt like the resort was busy and we could go a full day without seeing the same people all day long. We also liked the variety of restaurants and grills spread out across the property - don't want to have to walk too far for your next snack. Also like that one of the grills is focused on more healthy food choices.

    For us the best thing about CSA is the Palms and the evening entertainment. Their performers and house band are the best in Jamaica. We love to dance and if we don't get enough at the Palms then we'd head up to the Disco and dance the night away. For us, it's the perfect combination for a vacation in heaven.

    So if I've caused you more confusion - I appologise. Just had to add my thoughts about the 2 resorts. We've also been to CSS when it belonged to another chain. Beautiful peice of propery. However, of the 3 properties, CSA is our favorite. Don't worry too much about making the "right" decision. If you go to any of the Couples properties you wont be disapointed. Good luck making you decision.

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