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    Default cn sunset wedding pkg

    My daughter is getting married on 7/31.
    Can someone let me know how they liked it, did you have the steel drum band play for cocktail hour? And finally,how did you have the music for your "walk down the aisle",I would like her to have cellist but then we will be paying for 2 bands for l hour. I greatly appreciate any ideas.

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    My sister did a sunset wedding about 3 weeks ago. There was music as we ( the attendants) walked down the aisle, but it was provided by the resort (CD player). She did not have a live band, so I can't comment on that, but the wedding itself was fabulous. And the pictures were fantastic as there was a gorgeous sunset that evening. The reception, wedding cake and flowers were wonderful. I think you will be extremely pleased.

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    I to am having my wedding in August on the 14th and I wont a sunset wedding too. Sweet I want a sunset wedding too, so ifyou are reading this message "BREAK OUT THE CHECK-BOOK". I love you! Can't wait hope all goes well for your daughter sweetie.

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