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    I am down to 2 couples to choose from. CTI and CSS. We are a 30 year old couple going to be on our honeymoon. There are things I like about both but cant make up my mind. Anyone have any suggestions or advice.

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    Tell us more about yourselves and what you are looking for. Do you like more modern places? More spread out? Quiet? Better beaches? Etc.

    Give us an idea and we can probably make suggestions. However, its usually best to go with your gut feeling.
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    We have been to COR before it was remodeled to become CTI. IT was O.K but the beach was too small for us. Going to CSS on August 21. With SSB and the prude beach, I am hoping the beach will be OK for us. We really love CSA but want to give them all a try... This may not help much but...

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    We went to CSS last November and it is the most romantic with lots of places to just get lost together. The rooms are very sexy, the beaches are completely private to the resort and you will love a couples massage in the cabana over the water. CSS gets our vote for a romantic getaway since it is small and intimate and the staff will treat you like a prince and princess. Choose it for your romantic getaway. Sunset Beach is great also with lots of space to get away.

    This year, we are going for the fun and beach of Couples Negril.

    No matter which you choose, the staff will treat you very well. Suggest you do the 360 views to decide which resort and which room to choose.

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    Flip a coin, they are both great. You can't lose.

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    We are looking for a romantic vacation with good nightlife. We like the activities at CTI a little better, but they both seem like they have plenty to do and I hear the staff at both are excellent. We will be on the beach but are more of pool people, so the size of the beach is of no concern. I dont think we can make a wrong choice, but it is still a tough one. We are going for 2 weeks and was actually thinking of doing a week at both.

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    We've been to both. CTI called to us initially and it's still our favorite, but CSS was wonderful.

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    I suggest a week at both since you will be there for 2 weeks. That way you get to try them both our. We are doing that this coming December.
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    Our favorite is CTI, but that being said we are doing two trips this fall and we are giving CSS another try. I would do the split, a week at each. You will then know which is your favorite for the future. Also if you decide you love the first one you stay at you can arrange to stay if there's room.

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    Thanks for all the help and info. We have decided on CTI and can't wait. Will be there Dec. 1st- 15th 2009.

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