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    Default Planning 1st trip to Couples

    Hello, we are planning our first trip to a Couples Resort. We are way ahead of schedule, and are planning for April 2011. We have looked at all of the resorts and it seems like they are all wonderful. Does anyone have recommendations on either one. We were looking at either Swept Away or Negril. It seems like comparing apples to oranges.

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    No recommendation other than plan on going back as soon as you can! We had our first trip last November (honeymoon) and picked CTI. This November we are going to Negril, which is very different. From all accounts I've read, you can't go wrong no matter which one you pick. Just think about what features and inclusions are most important to you THIS time and go with that. Have fun!
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    You'll find lota of help in responses... but there are also plenty of comparisons to be found on previous posts...

    Good luck! The fun is just beginning!

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    While I can't really compare CSA to Negril, my trip report from this past April might help you decide. It should be here at this link

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    Don't think you can go wrong whichever Couples you decide. We've been to CSS and CN. Absolutely LOVE the compactness of CN! This is the ONLY resort we have ever returned to. Will be making our 3rd trip in October. Can't wait!!

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    We have only been to CSA but it was amazing. Can't wait to go back next spring..

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    The best thing to do is look at them, read some reviews and then the resort will sort of call you, worst case you could do a split and or a trading places to see the other resort.

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