So we are less than 60 days from departure for CTI. I find myself dreaming not only of sunny days and romantic evenings spent with my hubby, but also the wonderful foods we have come to enjoy while there. Let's see, chocolate croissants with fresh fruit and juice on the balcony. Then down to the buffet for an omelet, mango fruit smoothie and the wonderful cheeses, then up to the grill for burgers and fries, then the veggie bar for sweet potato chips with hummus, and then dinner with pumpkin soup appetizer, and the rest of the wonderful food. This topped off by a decadent dessert AND
THEN some soft serve ice cream for late night snack. Oh wait, I forgot the chips and cheese from the grill, oh and the juice bar at the spa. Oh good grief, I better get my rear and gear and make some room for all the wonderful food and drinks we get to have while at CTI.